Meet Bunny Kater

I thought I’d give Bunny Kater, Red Hot’s heroine, a chance to say a few words and tell you a bit about herself.  June 17th, 2010, Brent Stephens, our hero, and her story is available in e-format.  As your counting down the days  to when you can read about their journey together, take a moment or two and get acquainted with Bunny.

Hi Everyone,

Solara has graciously allowed me to post  today.   Before I met Brent, I’d dated men younger and older than me.  Met a few losers and several fine gentlemen along the way.  None seemed to ignite that spark like Brent did.  Honey let me tell you—when a girl wants to go home and defrost her freezer several times over after just taking an exercise class with a hot hunkish fireman like Brent—well I was ready to crawl inside Kater’s freezer and chill out.  I’ll let you in on a little secret I think he was ready to use a couple of those Co2 fire extinguishers on himself afterward.   See what I mean about one spark setting off another and another?

You’ll love my hometown of Jameston, Virginia.  We’re a coastal beach community on the southern shores of Virginia.  Many have compared our town to that bar in  the tv show Cheers where everybody knows your name and keeps an eye out for you.  We’re a special place for sure.  I’m glad we got Brent as our Fire Chief.

I’ve got to run as the lunch crowd is beginning to grow.    I’ll see you on the 17th!

Bunny Kater


Kater’s Bed and Breakfast

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