Weekends By Brent

Brent here today.  I love weekends when you can laze out in the yard with a good book and barbecue.  But if you aren’t careful accidents can happen.  As a fireman, I’m never really off duty.

Be safe and watchful as you play outdoors.  Keep an eye out for areas that are wet and slippery.  Don’t pour a lot of lighter fluid on the barbecue and throw a match toward it.  Most of all be aware of where you and what is going on around you. 

I’ve got to go get Peanuts out of the backyard.  He’s antagonizing the neighbor’s dog again.  Crazy cat!

I’ll keep an eye out for  you at our community barbecue and open house on July fourth!

Brent Stephens

Fire Chief and Lead EMT

Jameston, Virgina Station

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