Mark Your Calendars

The time has come. You’ve all waited with abated breath. RED HOT is available for pre-order at Siren Publishing.
Reserve your copy today and get ready to download yours on the 17th. Enjoy the excerpt below.

Solara Gordon
Romance with a Spicy Kick

What’s a woman to do when the one fireman she can’t resist is camped out in the bed upstairs? Resist temptation or start a fire?

RED HOT-Release Date: June 17th,2010 from Siren-Bookstrand

Story Excerpt:

“Go for it!” rang out. Someone tipped her chair forward. She rose to keep from falling. Steve took her arm, steadying her, and entwined it with his. He stepped forward, propelling her with him. He assumed the opening tango dance position. Bunny faced him, unsure what to do. Brent strolled toward them.

The upper body of her dreams withered and died as reality replaced it. Fantasy couldn’t live up to what she stared at. The man’s pecs and abs were tight and firm in all the right places. A light dusting of brown hair decorated his arms and chest. She followed its trail downward toward… Oh Lord. At the rate she was going, she would have Brent stripped. Well, at least mentally, he would be. She tugged the neck of her shirt and raised her gaze. Damn! His semi-grin and cheeky wink said “Caught ya!” He adjusted his sash, pulling the tip of it out of his waistband. The movement caught her off guard. A peek below said more of the hair trail waited exploration. She gulped and found her throat dryer than her mouth. Did he have to tighten the sash as he moved, emphasizing his broad, well-built torso even more?

He tapped Steve’s shoulder and pointed to her. Steve bowed to her and placed her hand in Brent’s. Nat King Cole’s duet version of “Unforgettable” with his daughter, Natalie, filled the air.

Brent spun Bunny close and began slow dancing around the bay. As the music faded, he hugged her. Firm flesh rippled under her hands and fingers. Warmth shot up her arms and pooled deep within her ribcage. It felt right, and yet it didn’t. Brent’s low “Thank you” whispered against her ear.

His hands rubbed from her tense shoulders to her lower back, stopping short of her waist. Her nipples tightened and budded, tenting her already tight shirt. He stepped sideways, taking her with him and turning them so his firm ass faced the crowd. She halted her fluttering hands as beads of perspiration formed beneath them. If she lowered them any farther, she’d be cupping him in a rather intimate way. Still, reality was proving much better than fantasy. Her hands fell to his waist just short of the top of his shorts. He wiggled and tensed his buttocks, causing her hands to slip under the edge of his waistband.

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