Jameston, VA-Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Hey Folks!  Let me introduce myself.  I’m Kate Kater, Bunny’s youngest daughter.  Yes, the baby of the family.   Try telling my older brother, Phillip, I’m grown and my own person.  He thinks I need chaperoned.  My sister Christie rolls her eyes at him and sighs when he starts questioning her on personal and private matters.

Mom?  She just smiles and nods.  See Phillip acts like he’s the man of the house.  I’ll tell you a secret.  He hates spiders.  Has to ask Christie or I to kill one if he sees one in the restaurant or his room.  His fiancée Melissa planted a big rubber tarantula in his bed and laughed so hard when he found it, she doubled over with tears streaming down her face.  Don’t worry he got us back real good!

We camped out on the beach two nights ago and he spooked us out of our tent.  Mom and Brent shook their heads and walked back to the Kater’s telling us, we were on our own.

Some people fuss about growing up in small towns.  I love Jameston.  Everyone speaks to you and looks out for each other.  It’s like having a lot of family around.  I want to see New York some day.  Brent said he’ll take us sight-seeing and show us around when we go up to visit Grandma Stephens. 

I hear Mom calling me to come help get ready for a new set of renters.  Summer is upon us and the reservations for the bed-n-breakfast are filling up fast.  Why don’t you come and visit?  Jameston’s welcome mat is always out.

Kate Kater

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