Back By Popular Demand-More On Peanuts Brent’s Cat

Solara here before I turn the controls over to Brent. Since only a few people left comments on release day, I’m holding over to the prizes for another contest soon.


Hey Folks! I understand we’ve got a few cat lovers amongst our readers. And a few mentioned Peanuts bugging the neighbor’s dog. He is a strange cat.

I adopted him from a rescue shelter in New York. So many strays end up on the streets as feral cats or dumped by their owners thinking they can fend for themselves. This is not true. Cats can hunt where game and space allow them the opportunity to do so. Domestic cats deserve a home where they’re loved and wanted. Not left tossed out when someone decides they don’t want them any longer.

Peanuts grew up in a household full of dogs. Four of them to be exact. His owner wanted to keep him but due to allergies and changing jobs again he could not take Peanuts with him.

Bunny’s grown use to the rascal slipping into bed between us at night and purring in our ears as we pet him. We are talking about adopting another rescue cat.

The station recently adopted two rescue dogs as our mascots. The staff take turns caring for them and keeping an eye on them.

Visit your local rescue shelter today and give an animal the home it deserves. They’ll thank you with their companionship and care.

Brent Stephens

Fire Chief and Lead EMT

Jameston, VA Station

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