Let The Hunt Begin


Brent had forgotten what intermission at a Broadway play could be like. The throng of people milling about filled the lobby beyond comfortable capacity. As he scanned the crowd, watching for Bunny, he noted each exit along with the fire alarm and extinguisher locations. He might be off the clock, but he was never completely off duty.
 It’d taken some talking and sharing on both their parts to get this far. He hoped the outcome was worth it. Bunny smiled as she approached.
Her dress hugged her in all the right places. His view took in her long, lean legs. Maybe later on tonight, they’d have him locked in their passionate embrace. Taking a deep breath, he moved his eyes upwards. He didn’t need evidence of his thoughts sticking out.

Good Luck Everyone!   Each set of questions will be set off by headings for the appropriate group:  BLOG READER  or BOUGHT BOOK participants.  Remember to post your answers in the commments section.  Be sure to include your name, email address, and answers to each question.  If you’re a blog reader and have not purchased RED HOT yet, you will include BR# at the end of your post.  If you’ve have purchased RED HOT, you will include the same information as the blog readers, except you will include BB# at the end of your post.  Each day will include one to two questions.  If mutliple questions are posted, both answers have to be correct to gain entry to the contest for that day. 

Some questions will be easy and obvious.  Others are going to make you do a bit of digging. 

Here’s today’s questions:


1.  Where does Red Hot take place?

2.   Where is Brent originally from?


1.   What item ignites Brent and Bunny’s first kiss?

2.   What type of dwelling was Kater’s before Bunny restored it?


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