Busy Week

Why is it that vacation seems short and the work week seems to drag on?  Maybe is it because one keeps you busy no matter what and the other has to be busy to get everything you’ve got planned done.  Either way, this last week was a catch up week at work after being on vacation for a week.

I’m working on edits and revisions for a new story entitled Jet Lag Blues.  It is a menage based on polyamory.  Enjoy the excerpt posted below.


Darryl reached down and adjusted the crotch of his shorts.  Damn, he thought he’d taken the edge off his desire.  One moan from Val and his cock throbbed tight against his shorts.

“Oh, yes.  That is so go—ooo—od!”

Val’s vocal punched him in the gut.  What the hell was Mason doing?  They hadn’t discussed tactics beyond a foot massage and helping with dinner.  He started through the doorway.

Two words echoed in his conscience—foot massage.  He halted, his mouth open, ready to speak.  Should he peer around the wall and confirm what was happening?  Announce his entrance?

What if they were doing something else?  How should he handle it?  He didn’t mind, but at least being informed would be nice.

Clearing his throat, he stuck his head around the wall and grinned.

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Have a great weekend!


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