New Review for Red Hot

ISBN: 1606017985
June 2010
Siren Publishing
182 Pages
Erotic Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Brent Stephens is the Fire Chief and lead emergency medical technician. He loves his job as a firefighter.

Bunny Kater owns Kater’s Café, a restaurant where the firemen frequent for hot meals and hot coffee. She came to Virginia to get away from the memories of her deceased husband.

Due to work that needs to be done on his place, Brent ends up staying at Bunny’s place. Suddenly what began as a friend offering him help became more as desire takes the place of friendship. But Bunny has issues with Brent being a firefighter, afraid he is going to end up being like her previous husband. Can Brent get her to see past her painful history with firemen and see him for the man he is?

Red Hot was a good book for the most part. Ms. Gordon uses realistic emotions, heartfelt moments, and real-life hurdles in this tale. The problem I had with this tale was that while the emotions for the most part were very real, there were times when there was so much crying going on I wanted to shout, “enough already”. I think the way many of the lesser characters came together to help Bunny and Brent figure out what they wanted out of their relationship was very good. If you like stories that seem to target those who love a lot of emotions, tough decisions, painful pasts, and steamy sex then you will like this novel.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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