Ms. Etiquette Learns Restraint

“On your knees.”  Victoria stumbled and dropped to her knees, skinning both.  Who the hell had shoved her?  Where was she?  Damn it was cold.  So fucking cold.

Giggles threatened to erupt and pour out her mouth.  Ms. Etiquette cussing like a drunken lout and laughing about it.  Oh, who the hell cared.  There she’d done it again.

“Tory, open your eyes.  Come on love.  Wake up.”  Who dared call her that?  No one since her ex Anthony Wolfson had dubbed her that during their twenty four hour sex session, even remotely came close to pinning a nickname on her.  Damn him too.  He’d sold the paper to  Nick McMahon and left town with the proceeds, leaving her living in a style she’d become unaccustomed to.  Not even a kiss my wolfish ass or a hint of where he’d gone until last night.  God, what a night.  Flashes of the prior evening raced through her mind.

“Come on Victoria.  I’m famished.”  Danny the mail boy whined.  So much for his stud abilities in bed or even an interest in women.  He’d been chasing men like the mink in heat he was from the moment they’d arrived.  Three nights in a row the pain in the ass varmint had come in at 3AM drunk and smelling like a male whorehouse….cheap cologne and sex, so much sex he reeked of it even after he tried to shower with her help.  No way in hell was she playing nursemaid to him again.  She’d left her manners by the wayside the second night in.

“Danny, why here?”  Victoria shut the car door and glanced at the neon sign hanging about the entrance.  Antonio’s Bar and Steakhouse…right more like a local pick up joint.  Two males stopped out front and embraced, sharing a lingering kiss before entering.  Great another gay club, geared toward Danny and his kind.  Not that she minded, but all those hunks and lush bodies of maleness and not one of them gave her more than a passing look.  After while a girl began to wonder is she’d lost it or if she could tell a straight male from the rest of the crowd even if he walked into the place.  That was until he walked up.

No it couldn’t be.  Not after all the time they’d spent arguing and swearing, it’d be a cold day—well it was cold!  Bitterly cold and getting colder each minute she stood outside as the wind whipped around her.  Hell must have frozen over, ‘cuz in front of her stood her ex looking fine and as studly as ever.  Shit, now the truth came out!  Anthony had left her for another man.  The bastard!

Balling up her fist, she fought the urge to walk over and slug him in the gut.  Not that it would do her much good.  He stood six foot and his muscular build protected him.  His animal half ever vigilant kept most predators at bay.  Though a few tempted fate and tried to take him out.  He was an Alpha and took no qualms looking and living the role.  Still he couldn’t tell her he’d preferred men.  And what about all that hot sweaty sex they’d had night after night when they’d first gotten together.  Oh, he had a hell of a lot of explaining to do.  Victoria spun and stalked toward him.

Out of the shadows, two masked figures rushed by her, one grabbed her shoulder bag and pulled.  She held on.  No one got her two hundred dollar Louis Vuitton purse.  She wasn’t letting her wallet and cell phone get into some petty criminals’ hands.  She hesitated, letting her momentum propel the perpetrator forward.  High heels and ice don’t mix.

Scrambling for her footing, another set of hands grasped her free arm shoving her along, ordering her on her knees.  “On your knees bitch.”

Strong arms steadied her and righted her forward descent.  “Who you calling bitch twerp?”

She knew that voice and those arms anywhere.  Damn Anthony was saving her again.   Not that she could do much in protest.  Ice and heels made skating seem simple.  Pivoting against her savior and her would be assaulter; Victoria tried separating herself from the two.  No such luck.  Her feet slipped out from under her.  Landing on her back and continuing downward, her head hit the parking lot asphalt.  Anthony’s bemused face peered down at her holding Danny by the scruff of his neck in one hand and one of the robbers in the other.  She blinked and everything went black.

“Come on Tory.  Please open your eyes sweetheart.”  Anthony’s purr and warm breath tickled her neck sending ripples of desire out across her and slamming down into her pussy.  God how had she ended up here?  Naked as the day her mother whelped her and with him.

Victoria tried to move an arm and leg.  Nothing.  She couldn’t move.  What now?  Her eyes flew open.  Anthony’s grin greeted her.  Blinking, she focused on the item dangling from his hand.  Oh holy shit.  A flogger.  And in his other hand….two nipples clamps and a clothes pin.  Her nipples harden and wetness trickled down her ass cheek.  She inhaled.  The scent of sex raced up her nose.  Her clit throbbed and would more with the clothespin on it.  What did Anthony have in mind?

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