Safe Dreamless Repose

Octavia winced as she heard the screams and cries of her kindred calling out as wave after wave of water crashed into their homes. Small cages and spaces presented no escape. Death and turbulence rushed in and out as swiftly as the tide and current ebbed and rose. The ground shook and all went still.

“Holy Mother of All!” Tavia screamed and bolted up right. Tossing her head back, she flung her hair off her face. Slowly she opened one eye then her other. Darkness greeted her. She reminded her human half to breathe.

Inhale and exhale, your body needs air. Let your eyes adjust. No one can take what you don’t allow. Tavia repeated her mantra until she could make out the dark lines and blurry images of the room around her. Glancing down at her hands, she willed her talons to retreat and her animal half to calm.

Rustling sounded beside her. She turned ready to take flight and shift. None would harm her.

“Rest my love.” Tongson’s soothing voice pierced the protective shield Tavia wove around her.
A soft light glowed on the bed side table near him. He touched her arm. His hand tugged her toward him. “Let me hold you. Nothing can reach us here.”

Tavia scooted across the bed, practically flinging herself into Tongson’s arms. She nestled against his warm chest and inhaled deeply. Masculine smells filled her nostrils along with musky fur scents. His heartbeats echoed in her ears as his hand stroked from the top of her head to her shoulders. She blinked wishing tears were not next.

Drawing in a ragged breath, she tried to speak. “So much death and destruction. Horrible ways to die. Please hold me. Just hold me.” Her tears refused to be held back. With each breath, one tear etched its way down her face stopping to drop on her tightly clenched hands.

“I know. Shifters and humans lost at the hands of nature. We think we control so much and are so powerful. There is more power out there than any of us will ever have.” His emphasis on any reminded her of the pressing issue waiting and watching. She could feel the others. Knew they spied as much as they could to learn of any weakness they could exploit.

“What about your family?” Tavia looked up. Tongson’s drawn face and tired eyes met hers. He’d not slept much either since the first call had come in. There was little either could do without calling attention to where they hid. Many perished because one hungered for power and might beyond his.

“Those that listened are safe. My parents and grandmother fled to higher ground. The ones who didn’t, I don’t know. I lost my link to them once the water rose.” His chest rose and fell with two sharp breaths.

“Perhaps, we need to set the spell and find the mindless rest we need to function and flourish?” She shuddered with each word. Sleeping spells were ancient magic that few could manage and not leave themselves defenseless.

“Rest we need. Mindlessness, no. Dreamless is the option. I prepared a drought earlier. Mickey and Night Hawk drank their portion. They now rest down the hall. I have some here for us.” Tongson picked up the glass. It’s amber glow cast a red hue on the cabin’s wall.

“What about guards and dampening our presence?” Tavia reached for the glass.

“All is well. Wolves, bears, and fowl watch and note everything. The cabin appears as part of the mountain. No windows face outward. Our presence is unknown to all but the animals around us, shifter or animal.” Tongson handed her the glass.

“We are safe,” she whispered and drank.


How I wish the world were safe for those in Japan and other areas hit by today’s earthquake and Tsunami. Even those in New Zealand and elsewhere need our prayers and thoughts of healing and peace. If you can spare a few dollars to contribute to International Red Cross or your local chapter to assist our fellow brethren, please do so. Check out if your local church, synagogue or mosque are collecting items to send for care packages or as donations. We all can help in some way and know we’ve made a difference even if we never know or meet the person or persons that ultimately benefit. Our world and life are small and fragile. United we’re stronger. Remember nothing is too small when combined with others. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Let’s show our world how synergistic we can be.

Remember to tell your family and friends you love them. Share time and stories with them.

Be safe!


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