New Cover and Release Blurb!!

I love cover art and the images artist come up with for covers. This is my latest release due out next month. What I love most is the realistic aspect of the picture. The sensual playfulness and erotic nature is caught in the shot very well. Jinger Heaston’s cover at is fantastic. She’s done both of my covers now. I hope to have her on future releases too.

This has been a long week work wise for me. Too often not enough sleep or hours to accomplish what is needed. I’m in the middle of revisions and edits so my muse is caught up in tweaking the story line and roughing out the edges for the juicy read you’ve been waiting for.

Here is a blurb tid bit for you:

Who better to get snowed in with than your friends? That’s what Val Swarter thinks until she finds herself sharing a king-size bed with her boyfriend Darryl Swanson and his best friend Mason Cox. Val’s desired both Mason and Darryl for sometime and she knows the two men have shared threesomes before. None of them wants to jeopardize their friendship, but when desire turns into a frank discussion and love is revealed, they’re going to have to decide how to become three in love, a cohesive family triad.

Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy the cover art! Enjoy letting your imagination conger up a story to go with the cover and blurb.



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