Oh Shit Now What!?


“Damn it, Anna! No you can’t have him too.” Nitchell dove deep into the wave rushing toward the beach. “He’s human and mortal. Not immortal.”

Nitchell shook his fist at the dark haired beauty lurking just below the surf of the raging torrent.

“What is this human to you?” Her dark blue eyes sparkled and grew dim as flashes of sun light broke through the wave.

“He’s my ward. The one I have to watch over as part of my penance. Now stop giving me shit and do something about the wave.” Nitchell fluttered his wings as he worked his way toward the surf hoping he’d convinced the sea death enchantress to help him.

Anna’s kin belonged to the same clan as Nitchell’s. Problem was sirens and deathwards followed their own rules. Entrance into their domain came at a price, loss of life or possible immortality amongst Oceana’s spirit world. Humans didn’t understand or they promised what wasn’t theirs to give, their soul and eternity. Not that an eternity amongst the denizens of the deep was awful, but their disdain for non-aquatic beings didn’t help. Nitchell had to straddle a fence that left more than its fair share of splinters in his sea sprite posterior.

“Anna, he’s trying to help her. I warned him about getting too close. The music beguiled him. I sensed her death chant.” Nitchell leapt into the air. “Please Anna, spare him. I can’t fail again. I want to go home at some point.”

A deep-throated laugh split the air. Nitchell inhaled sharply. Sea devils looked for easy prey amongst humans stupid enough to try to dive into depths where even creatures of the ocean stayed away from. Shit, had he lost Cason to Anna and a co-hort.

“He is not mine to spare or take.” Anna tossed her long black wet hair over her pristine white shoulders. “Neither is her life ours to dwell on. Nitchell your charges are yours. The sky gods hold their fates in their hands.”

Nitchell breathed and turned. Two dark eyes watched him from the wave growing in intensity. He shuddered. Staring a sea devil down was a feat that not many lived to talk about. As third in line for Oceana’s regional heir, Nitchell knew he’d win if he kept his cool. Focusing on the area below the eyes, he inhaled and puckered. A shrill whistled followed.

Several silver fins broke through the water swimming toward him at furious clips. Whistles and echoes sounded as the herd of dolphins rushed toward Nitchell. Three dove through the wave dispersing it.

A loud groan followed by Anna’s parting words filled Nitchell’s ears. “Nothing will be as it seems. Remember you deal with things none of us understands and yet you will know what to do when it is necessary. Good luck with your human and his mermaid.”

A large black tail split the wave and disappeared. The two halves raced toward the shore breaking the surf line well away from where Cason and the mermaid lay.

Nitchell sonared his thanks to the dolphins. Raising his head to the sun warming the beach, he whispered, “I don’t know why, but help them. I can’t do it alone.”

A familiar sound drew Nitchell’s attention, two wolves raced along the beach heading straight for them. Sea wolves owed their loyalty to none but themselves. But this pack had taken he and Cason in. Would they also accept a mermaid?


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