Nitchell’s Plan



Nitchell wiped his sweaty palms down his loincloth.  Since coming ashore six months earlier, he’d learned to fain human modesty.  Cason insisted on covering himself regardless of who was present.  Nitchell smiled as images from the first time he’d caught Cason nude in bed jacking off flashed through his mind.

“Hmmm,” Nitchell twilled aloud.  “Cason has a thing for nudes and scantily clad women.  Wonder if I can ping his horny id and get him to make a move on the merwoman.”  A clap of thunder pounded the air and a bolt of lightning jagged deep into the sand not too far from where Cason and the mermaid lay.

Nitchell jumped, startled, and rolled his eyes toward the clouds hanging close.  “Okay, I get the point.  Just trying to get them together and his protective side fired up.”

Glancing back at Cason and his female interest, Nitchell saw the two wolves sitting on their haunches watching him as they sniffed the air.  Maybe—just maybe—Nitchell’s smile grew.  Oh, yes things were looking up.

“Nemos,” Nitchell called, motioning the male wolf closest to him forward.  “I need you to morph.  Your companion too.”

Two nude humans stood next to Cason and the mermaid.  Nitchell shook his head.  Clothes!  Shit, he’d forgotten shape shifters didn’t magically make clothing appear when they shifted.   Nudity was clothing to them.  Gacks!  How did that spell go?

“Covering of delight find a way to ease their embarrassment,” he began, waving his hands in several directions until Nemos grabbed his arm.

“Nitchell,” Nemos growled.  “We’re not embarrassed.  So I don’t believe the spell will work.  However if you need us to dress, Sandra can snitch clothes from that laundry line.  Of course, the folks there know us.  I’m sure they won’t mind.”

Nemos’s companion stretched as she rose to her feet.  Her plump breasts flowed up and down her chest as she reached toward the heavens and lowered her arms.  Her fire red hair matched that covering the V between her legs.  Nitchell gulped and tried to image ice covered mountains and snow.  His crotch and groin heated up more than he could cool down.  Sandra’s lean lithe build turned Nitchell on in ways his imagination refused to let loose of.  As she turned to walk away, she winked at him and puckered an air born kiss at Nemos.

“Hot stuff, eh my friend.”  Nemos’s throaty laugh broke through Nitchell’s eye-humping stare.  Nemos grinned as Nitchell reddened.  “She knows what she does to you.  You might give in and take her up on the offer.  I know she’ll leave you verrrrry satisfied.”

Nitchell’s red hue grew brighter.  Nemos bit his lip to keep from laughing.  Noting Nitchell’s wings fluttered faster each time Sandra bent over as she retrieved items from the human standing near her and placed them in the bag at her, Nemos sniffed.  Hot wet feminine scents filled his nose and warmed his palate.  Yes, Nitchell would be well satisfied if he’d give in and accept Sandra’s open invitation.  Sharing her with a mutual friend was an entertaining option.  Too bad Nitchell didn’t get that he could be sexual and still be the guardian he was supposed to be.

Nemos looked up.  Nitchell’s cough and sputter drew his attention.  Next to Sandra, a human female approached, nude like Sandra.  Nemos moved forward.  His pack had taken a few humans in.  This one had agreed with her human spouse to mate with him and Sandra.  Soon she would begin to show her pregnancy.  His child lay beneath her heart as her mate’s child lay tucked beneath Sandra’s heart.  Life was good.  Now if Nitchell would explain his new charge and Cason’s involvement.  Things might get even better.

A loud groan filled the air.  Sandra and the female stopped near Nitchell.  Cason’s head began to rise.  Nemos dropped to his knees near him.  How badly scattered were his thoughts?  Nemos knew the mermaid’s siren song had affected Cason.  Her death chant had called too many.

“Nitchell,” Sandra whispered as she closed the distance between them.  “What is your plan?”

“Plan?”  Nitchell coughed and sputtered more.  “Uhmm, get them together where I can keep an eye on em.  Yep, that’s right.”  He flapped his wings and tried to fly away the closer she got.

“Get them together how?”  Sandra leaned very close almost nose to nose with Nitchell.  She’d kiss him except she wasn’t sure how he’d take it.  Sea sprites could be lusty and take a while to sate once sex started.  Right now wasn’t optimum to her plan.  Or could she turn Nitchell’s plan into a mutual one where everyone glowed with satisfaction?



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