Dante’s Side Business





Macy looked at the labels on the boxes Kazim set inside Dante’s office door.  The word sex stood out in bold letters all over the portion of the label she could see.  The whispers Kazim and his friend Frank exchanged had Macy wondering if she dare ask what was going on.

Dante’s agreement to let her work under the table as head cashier and bookkeeper got her into sections of the interspecies pleasure palace most would not know existed.  Kitty’s off and on appearances were nothing short of miraculous.  Macy knew from the moment she’d seen Kitty morph that Macy would help her any way she could.  Love didn’t come easy and the heavens knew folks deserved a bit of happiness where they could find it.  So now, this new business venture had Macy and Kitty talking whenever they could.

Macy pulled her cell phone from her purse.  She thumbed through her contacts until she found Kitty’s number.  Hitting speed dial, Macy wondered if Kitty knew more or would share what she knew.

“Hi Macy,” Kitty’s breathless voice answered.  Macy smiled.  Kitty probably had her purse buried half way across the shop and hadn’t thought about someone calling her.

“Did I call at a bad time?”  Macy wanted to add that Kitty could take her time answering.  If the shop was full of patrons, Kitty would need to respond and be brief.

Kitty’s warm laughter followed.  “No just my usual focus on one thing.  I forgot to put my phone in my pocket.”

“Has Dan- – -”   Kitty’s next words cut Macy off.

“That name is never to be mentioned on an open line.  Got it?”  Macy blinked and held her phone away from her ear.  The shrill command and pitch in Kitty’s voice cut through Macy like a hot knife creaming through chilled rock hard butter.

Licking her lips, Macy nodded and cleared her throat.  “Did you hear me?”  Kitty’s tone had softened.

“Yes, I did.  I got the message loud and clear.”  Macy winced at her own tone.  Kitty’s friendship meant a lot to her.  Many of Kazim’s shifter friends snubbed Macy or spoke down to her as though being human made her less than desirable.  Kazim’s apologies and attempts at explanations didn’t stop the quick pangs of pain and sorrow.  Sorrow for those who lost a chance at true friendship and acceptance from parts of the human community that didn’t mind living amongst those differed from them.  Still the same could be said about humans too.

“I’m sorry I yelled.  For both of our safety the less you mention or talk about him the better off you are.  Kazim’s reputation is in the shadows.  He needs to stay there.”  Kitty’s hushed words sent shivers up and down Macy’s back.

“I understand.  I guess you don’t know about the boxes.”  Macy waited, glancing around the office.  Twenty to thirty boxes circled her desk.  As she looked at the letters and stick figures adorning one box, she gasped.

“Macy, are you okay?’  Kitty’s question pulled Macy back from blurting out her thoughts.

“Oh yes, I’m fine.  Listen I hear someone coming.  I’ll stop by later to talk in person.  Bye.”  Macy ended her call and quickly stuffed her phone in her pants pocket.

Kazim’s and Dante’s voices carried down the hall.

“I can’t believe what a hit these toy parties are.  I knew shifters were sexy and positive on getting it on.  But rubber toys and sex ones?”  Kazim’s laugh warmed Macy’s cheeks.  His love of pleasure and pleasing her continued to make her squirm each time she remembered one of their love making episodes.

“Oh hell yes.  It’s like the rubber bone humans give their dogs or the squeaker toys.  Except with shifters, they start out human and end up letting their animal side take over.  Remember last Saturday night?”  Kazim’s next words echoed through the hall adding to the red hue Macy was sure warmed her cheeks and neck.

“Which part?  When the she wolf got pissed off at the drunk male who wouldn’t take no for an answer and she double knotted the elastic straps of the strap on cock on his head after she tripped him?  Talk about embarrassment.  Running around with a neon glowing purple cock pointing off your head sure shit ain’t dignified.”

Dante’s snicker preceded his reply.  “Yes, that was good.  No, my favorite was when the two got into the tug of war over the glow in the dark cock ring.  Three tugs later and did they glow from using it.  Broke the ring in half spattering themselves with the fluid inside.”

Kazim coughed and sputtered.  “I hear they couldn’t get the fluid off for days!  Sure adds a new meaning to sex makes you glow.”

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