Winter Heats Up Poly Style

Tongson paused, leaning against the snow shovel he’d been using to clear a path from the patio to the hot tub shed.  Neither he nor Tavia knew when Tomas would return.  Or if he would.  The covert war in Talbot’s Peak was heating up.

Too many days and nights cooped up in the house with colicky triplets wore on everyone’s nerves.  Even Mickey and Night Hawk took turns walking the floor with any of the infants needing care.  Enough for everyone to edge up to their own point of boiling.  Time to create space for release.  He smiled as another snowball whizzed by him.  The neighborhood children loved Night Hawk’s boyish exuberance and his ability to get on their level and play.  One snow-tossing contest after another had ensued in the last week.  Warm giggles and laughter rounded the side of the house where Night Hawk hid apparently discovered.

“Hey not down my back.  Ooh, that’s cold.  You got me.”  His warm laugh and calls back at the retreating backs of the youth made Mickey grin.

“I wondered why the Spirits chose Night Hawk for me.  Now I begin to understand.  We work together in ways that we aren’t even aware of.  There is balance and mixing that is essential to us.”  Mickey turned at the steps sounding behind her.  Tavia carried two of her triplets in each arm.  “Here let me take one.”

Tavia slipped her daughter into her arms.  Mickey smiled at the wide blue eyes staring up at her.  At 6 months old, each of the triplets was starting to show their distinct personalities.  Stargazer cooed and smiled with ease unlike her brother Morning Sun with his blonde locks and dark brown eyes.  He seemed to wear a frown no matter what.  Tongson and Tomas called it his thinker’s look and cover.  Nicholas, named for Tomas’s late father, loved to cuddle and smile.  His black eyes followed his mothers and fathers wherever they moved within his sight.

“Our elders can see much from the spirit world that we in our now can’t.  They are out of the flux of time that affects our corporeal state.  I know you understand and yet don’t.  Think of the astral projection I’ve been teaching you.”  Tavia’s hand ran up and down Sun’s back soothing him.  Mickey knew he refused to burp after eating as though he wanted to hang on to everything inside him, good or bad.

“I’ve begun to see how linear time does not affect shifters as it does humans.  Many of my human friends understand their mortal nature.  They admit envy from time to time.  Those closest to me have no jealousy other than wishing they had a family unit as tight as ours.”  Mickey raised Stargazer to her shoulder and began patting her small back.

Soon two loud burps filled the room with two smaller ones as well.  Tavia turned around and gazed lovingly at Tongson.  His long black braid flipped over one shoulder.  Several strands of hair escaped the tight weave.  Patches of snow clung to his hair.  The flakes twinkled and disappeared as the warmth of the room found them.  Her smiled deepened as she watch Mickey and Night Hawk.  Their eyes met with the same warmth and care as Tongson’s and hers.  The young couple fit in well with their family.

“The path is made and the tub heating.  Alicia from the village will watch the children if we want her too.  Though I suspect we will take them to the shed with us.  I readied an area to place their carriers within so they are near and safe while we relax and soak.  Tonight maybe the night, yes?”  Tongson removed his heavy jacket and flung it over a nearby chair.

Mickey blushed as she glanced toward him.  Night Hawk appeared pensive.  Expanding their bond to include sexual intimacy amongst the four of them had entered their latest discussions.  Before he’d left, Tomas had spent a night with Mickey and Night Hawk awakening Mickey’s sensual side and enjoyment of two lovers at once.  Tomas had left grinning after a night starting out alone with Tavia though ending up with them crawling into bed with Tongson swearing they missed him.  The mangy feline had snuggled between them asking for hugs.  At least he hadn’t tried to kiss him.  Tongson smiled and winked as Mickey’s face reddened.  What had Night Hawk whispered in her ear?

“Whatever he claimed I know nothing about.”  Tongson shrugged and held his hands up in the air.

“I just told her that a repeat of our night with Tomas might happen though quite a few differences would be happening.”  Night Hawk grinned and folded his arms across his chest.

Tavia shook her head and moved toward Tongson.  “You naughty Spirit Bear.  Teasing Mickey so.”

“Who me?  As if I was the one who blurted out at dinner last week that you found Mickey attractive and wouldn’t mind sharing her with me.  Now Night Hawk, no offense but this bear has no sights on you as a conquest.”

Night Hawk smirked.  “None taken.  With these two delightful ladies to pleasure and please along with watching them together…..well – – -“

“Just remember spectators might not be invited to participate,” Mickey hastily added, waving her hand at Night Hawk.

Tongson slide his arm around Tavia.  “Let’s see where the night takes us.”  Two cries interrupted any further banter.

“We might not even get beyond coupling with our four opinionated viewers.”  Mickey nodded.  Four babies could keep them busy with different needs and wants if they refused to sleep.   The night’s outcome was up for grabs for sure.

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