Love’s Synergistic Ways

Octavia looked at the snow globe center of her dressing table.  Roses of varying shades filled the water and artificial snow interior.  The roses retained their beauty for her to enjoy again and again.  She remembered the time the bouquets arrived shortly after Tomas joined their household.  Tongson’s jealousy and possessiveness almost broke the trio apart.  Tomas admitted to feeling similar pangs and quirks during a yelling match between the two of them.  

Octavia smiled as she reached for the globe admiring how the sunbeam shining through the frosted window pane illuminated the tricolored rose center of the display.  Three distinct colors each brilliantly standing out at the edges of the petal, muted as they flowed toward the center of the rose blended together in a mixed new shade.  The shade showed tinges and parts of the other colors creating a whole that brought out the discrete qualities of each part of the whole. One word came to mind, synergy.  The sum is greater than the individual parts.

“Admiring or remembering, love?” Tomas’s voice purred over her shoulder warming her ear.   He nipped the bare flesh between her neck and where the strap of her night gown lay. 
“Maybe both, you feline,” Tongson murmured, moving up on her other side.  His warm hand slid up her arm stopping at her shoulder.

Octavia smiled as she viewed the uniquely different men’s reflections in the mirror.   There was no mistaking the love their eyes glowed.  Glancing higher, she noted they stood shoulder to shoulder, touching without avarice or jealousy.  Each knew the value they brought to the triad.  When she remarked on either male’s similarities to the other in emotion or action, they teased or fussed sometimes.  Most of the time, they smiled and nodded agreeing that even though they were different in their animalistic natures, their human side embraced the difference and learned how similar they were in many ways.  Love did that to people who took the time to learn, embrace change, and see things from a perspective diverse from their own.

“I’m seeing the new and change amongst us while remembering.” Octavia picked up the snow globe, saluting Tongson and Tomas individually. 

“Good times and hard ones influence each of us,” Tongson offered kissing her cheek.  He glanced up catching Tomas’s nod.

“Yes, my friend and co-husband,” Tomas replied, kissing Octavia’s other cheek.  “I learned how to fit in and to share.  To embrace my uniqueness and let go of fear while finding out how to trust.”

Tongson smiled.  He winked at the three of them as he spoke.  “I had to overcome my own doubts and worries.  I needed to let love guide me instead of listening to my mind.  Letting my heart speak and address the issues that plagued me most took a lot of work and time.”

“How would you rate the effort?” Octavia asked rubbing her cheek against Tongson’s hand.

“Worth the journey and education,” Tongson replied, raising his hand to cup her face.  “And you my co-part?”  Tongson nodded to Tomas.

“Hard work is often worth the effort.  I took the path of resistance until I realized that letting love in was easier than I thought.  I stopped resisting and started loving.” Tomas raised his hand above Octavia’s head, palm up moving it toward Tongson.  “Loving showed me a way I didn’t know existed.”

Tongson raised his free hand up, grasping Tomas’s over Octavia’s head.  Each nodded as the trio quietly sat taking in the moment and the love surrounding them.  Octavia’s  smile grew as Tomas and Tongson brought their faces down next to hers so the three appeared surrounded by the halo the setting sun reflected into the mirror.

Love’s synergy brought them together.  Mixed, enhanced, and even changed them while bringing them closer and more fully in love.  That love multiplied and embraced Mickey and Nighthawk.  A trio became a quintet and a family strong and firmly bonded.  Love’s catalyst and addition brought them to a place they might not have gotten to without it.




Happy Weekend Gang!

I hope you’re warm indoors reading a good book or two.  I know we have had our share of cold and weather here at the Spice Homestead.  Colds and doctor visits have headlined this past week.  We’re on the mend and with the TLC flowing I’m sure we will be fine.

As the middle of winter battles with the fine edges of spring waiting and watching for the time grab hold, share a good book or two with your loves and spice.  I know I will!




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