delivery room game board

“So the game begins?” Tyburn asked as he joined Gill outside the waiting area close to the labor and delivery admissions area.

“Game?” Gill quipped, unsure how to answer since the stat ultrasound on Chloe revealed potential quints. Five mouths to feed and care for. The last time he changed diapers was when his nephew and niece, both with grandkids of their own now, were babies and toddlers. He was sure the process hadn’t changed much as he watched humans and shifters alike tend to their youngsters.

“Well, everyone I’ve talked to says it’s a waiting game. You wait for the baby to decide to put in their appearance.” Tyburn chuckled. “Truth is I’ve got no idea what is expected of me. Rachel and my other off spring flamed into existence during her rebirths.”

“I don’t think that is how this works. I’m probably no better informed than you.” Gill leaned back against the wall behind the bench he sat on. “You and I are on a journey.”

“One hell of a journey. I get to see life from the human side. You get to…” Tyburn paused. Looked around the waiting area, and leaned closer to Gill. “What is it you get to do?”

Gill rolled his eyes and snickered. “Watch Chloe wither in pain. Wonder how the frack this came to be.”

“Pain is funny?” Tyburn leaned forward, resting his forearms on his legs.

“No, never. It’s my dumb remark. I know the facts of life. How babies are made.” Gill licked his lips and continued. “My pain is figuring out how to raise em, feed em, clothe em, et al.”

“Oh, the get them grown and out of your house part.” Tyburn sighed. “There’s no manual for that.”

“Yes, I know. My brother kept asking my parents where they hid theirs.” Gill smiled as memories of watching his brother and parents discuss parenting came rushing back.

“There’s a manual for rearing Phoenix. It has two lines. First one is there are no rules. The second one is don’t believe the first one.” Tyburn laughed and looked up as a nurse approached where he and Gill sat.

“Mr. Tyburn, Miss Rachel requests, to quote her, your flaming ass present as there is more than one younging coming your way. Congrats sir! You’ve got twins!” The nurse handed Tyburn a stack of clothing. “Please change and meet me outside delivery room three in five minutes.”

Tyburn accepted the bundle and sprinted down the hall to the changing room. Gill sat up as the nurse turned back to him. He stood as she held out a similar bundle to him.

“Mr. Mayor, Chloe needs your assistance in birthing room four. Your triplets are eager to come out and met their daddy she says.” The nurse patted Gill’s shoulder as he shook his head. “One of them appears to be bigger than the others in weight and size. Sorry for the earlier scare, sir.”

Gill tucked the bundle of clothing under his arm as he started his sprint down the hall to the changing room. Earlier scare at possibly five babies? Three was better? Safer? Hell, he didn’t know nothing about birthing babies. He was going to find out though and very quickly from what the nurse said.


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