Snippet from Current Unpublished Work in Progress

“This is about kids. Right?” Leslie drew in several deep breaths. He and Nina had their share of fallouts over the years. Four years of college and two years of grad school provided them the space they had needed to grow up emotionally and get a few experiences that they might not have had if they’d married right out of high school.

“Gut punched me that day. I’d gotten the thanks Dad but we don’t want to spend the summer with you call from Jennifer and Hailey. I want a family.” Tim sat up, drinking more of his soda.

“Susan is comfortable, available, and—you ready to say?”

“Fucking hot.” Tim buried his face in his hands.

“The weekend you were in Vegas?”

“Oh yea. Two days of unadulterated sex. We didn’t leave the room until I got the call my shuttle was waiting. Susan was in the shower. I bolted without a goodbye.”

“Damn dude. And you were so cold to her at Angela’s wedding the last time you saw her.”

Tim looked up. He shook his head as he spoke. “Dumb ass again. Now do you get why I’m sure why I’m challenged on this.”


Looks like Tim has got a problem to solve.  His attraction to Susan appears to come home to roost.  Will he get to act on this or will Susan tell him to go away again?

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