Getting Back Into the Swing



I’m back. Happy to be in the swing again. I took a much needed break for health matters. On the road to successful recovery and a healthy life again.  Resolutions happen for many at the start of the new year. I prefer life resolutions or changes my choices affect me rather than others. One of my biggest every year is to to chose to act rather than react. Easier said than done. For this year, I’ve looking at more writing and learning from feedback, rejections, suggestions, and critiques. Opinions matter
and that is what feedback contains. Weeding through and finding what works can take time and energy. It is a learning process. One we can all benefit from if we’re willing to take time to process the task.
All this comes with submissions made before Christmas. Looking at the rejections and the letter sent along with synopsis a few weeks out says there are changes I can make a different approach to saying the same things using different words. My first step in using feedback
in the new year.

Stay turned as I post more this year. Back to working on new stories for your reading enjoyment and pleasure.



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