Excerpt from Work In Process

Guess Red Ridinghood’s Descendant doesn’t like the Hunter very well. (EXCERPT FROM UNCONTRACTED WIP):

“Thanks. Guess we’re stuck together.” Stacee pulled her hand away from his. Jace didn’t move until her palm no longer touched his.
He straightened and reached for the keys. “Afraid so. Our safety is a mutual need. There’s common elements I prefer to discuss at my condo.”
Jace started the Jeep. He glanced at Stacee as he shifted into reverse. Crap! She sat back against the seat. Her shoulders slumped forward. Was she frowning? Her resigned look pressed hard at his live and let live core value. He glanced at Stacee again. This time she he caught her scowling at him, muttering too. He held up his hand as he pulled into traffic. “If you’ve got something to say, speak up. Muttering isn’t going to change things.”
Keeping Martin, the pack, and those he’d seen in the vision safe happened even if one of them kept shooting him scowls and angered looks. Let her get what frustration and reactive anger she needed to out. Fear set off responses that often made no sense.

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