New Release Coming Soon

I’m pleased and proud to be working with Siren Publishing again.  TOGETHER AGAIN is the first book in the Pacific Cay Trilogy.  I signed the contract earlier this week.  I’m busy working on the cover questionnaire and writing blurbs.  Please see the information below for taste of Tim and Susan’s story.

Until Next Week,


TOGETHER AGAIN: (Erotic Contemporary Romance: Sirenbookstrand Publishing-Publication Date May 2016)

Giving first loves a second chance requires letting go of the past and embracing what today offers.

Tim Smith wants a second chance with his first love, Susan Nealson.   He’s recently figured out he’s been in love with Susan for some time. Convincing and showing Susan he’s worth a second chance isn’t going to be easy.   Given his on-again-off-again ex-boyfriend past with Susan, he isn’t sure how to act on his attraction.  When Susan agrees to be amutual friend’s maid of honor, Tim might have the incentive he’s looking for.

Susan isn’t anticipating being paired up with the dateless best man, Tim–her ex-boyfriend. She wouldn’t turn down a chance to revisit their past sexual heat.  Beyond that, she’s unsure taking a risk on Tim is in her best interest.   When their chemistry explodes more than sex, Susan’s feelings and heart ignite too.  Seeing past their bungled past and embracing their now is something, they have to do to claim their second chance at love and a future together.

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