Taking Time to Remember Our Fallen

Fireworks Show

Fireworks Show

Gill stepped up to the microphone, looked down at his speech, and swallowed.  Many of the Peak’s citizens turned out for the festivities in the park.  Grills with lit charcoal briquettes in them stood close to many of the picnic tables.  Portable ones sat next to the tables and chairs others brought with them.  Earlier games pitted adults against children and those in similar age brackets too.  A lot of fun and happiness filled the air.  Now silence and staring filled it instead.

“My fellow citizens,” he began. “Many gave their lives to keep us safe.  I’m not talking shape shifter or supernatural only.  Many humans fought on foreign shores to keep others safe too.  We continue to do so as a country.  Here at home, many take on the task of keeping us safe within our fine country.”

A few murmurs sounded.  Several heads nodded.  A youngster stood up with a miniature flag waving it back and forth.  A few others did the same.

“Some of our fellow Peakites gave their lives so we might enjoy the freedom and safety we have today. To honor them we started collecting funds to build a memorial.  Names are coming in.  Someone contacted the state about this.”

Heads began shaking.  Others yelled out. “No! Not the state here again!”

Gill tapped the microphone.  The crowd quieted.  “I hear what you’re saying.  Our representative, a former Peakite, contacted us too.  They’re forming a delegation to oversee the funds we’re getting from the state.  A few other supernatural towns and cities are getting money too. Disaster avoided!”

Smiles and nods appeared again.

“So in closing before others who served whether in the military or supporting areas speak, I want to say I’m a proud Peakite!  Can you say it with me?”

Gill stepped away from the microphone, raised his arm, and yelled. “I’m a proud Peakite!”

Many in the crowd stood, yelling and chanting with him.  Some smile and clapped.


May your Memorial Day be filled with love, fun, safety, and memories.  Take a moment to thank those that keep us safe and devote their lives to this!



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