There’s A What in My Past?!

Gill looked up from the pile of paperwork in front of him.  Rachel stood in front of his desk with another stack of papers equal to the ones he’d spent the better part of the last two hours trying to get through.  Talbot’s Peak history weaved through a narrative and very few actual historical facts.  At least ones that were factual.

“More,” he groaned.  “You found more?”

Rachel nodded.  “And Vernon is going through another box out at my desk.  Whoever stashed this stuff didn’t want it found or thought it wasn’t going to be.”

“We’re going to need another table and more boxes.  Breaking this down into dates and events is maddening.”  Gill picked up two sheets of paper.  “Same event. Two completely different accounts.”


Rachel shook her head and shrugged.    “I’ll see what I can come up.  The historical society is using two other offices and all the tables from the waiting room.”
Gill watched Rachel exit the office.  He looked over to where Chloe sat with boxes of newspaper clippings.  She sorted them a few a at time, holding the faded ones up to the goose neck lamp, squinting as she tried to make out the print. From time to time, she sighed, shook her head, and stretched.  Four empty take out containers sat in stuffed in the trash can between them.  Louie had more coffee and sweets in route.  This project wasn’t going to end tonight or even a few nights later.  What they’d unearthed could rattle some of the Peak’s homesteaders.  He wasn’t sure letting this out made sense.


Happy Weekend Gang!

Looks like there’s stuff stirring up in the Peak.  A historical society. . .a bunch of documents that someone stashed?  And clean up post move out and ransacking the government offices is showing where the proverbial needle in the haystack is.  Ooh, sounds like Mick and Trina are going to get some added fireworks to their budding chemistry with this too.  Let’s see where each of these takes us as the weeks ensue.

Spring is making its mark and hold as winter takes one last pass through the area.  Keep warm, ready to snuggle up with your loves and spice sharing a few good books.  I know I am!

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MICK & TRINA’S STORY CONTINUES: May I have this Dance, Please?

polyamourous cupids


Mick walked across the floor, keeping Trina in his sight. She ducked her head, looking away. He’d watched her peruse all the males present. The teens that danced past her, she smiled at and shook her head no. The older ones made conversation and moved off to find their mates or spouses. The few women who stopped to talk, pointed to males at various points throughout the gymnasium. He reached Trina as the opening strains of the melody began.

“May I have this dance, please?” he asked, holding out his hand. He kept his gaze on her face. The costumes hid much of their physique. Not that it mattered. Many here used scent and their other senses along with their animal sixth sense to pick out their chase. There were no victims here. Matting happened when all parties agreed. Dancing didn’t resemble the sweaty pleasure enhance bed rumpling stints most of the youth here tried to do. No, dancing was for conversation, getting to know each other, and asking for another dance. Even time to nibble finger foods and sip the sickening sweet punch the cafeteria provided. He’d heard whispers Louie from Rattigan’s was due at midnight; something about road kill stew and other more delightful cuisine.

Mick smiled. Trina turned toward him. Her hands lay one on top of the other, resting on her fanny pouch. Most of the women carried purses or clutch bags. Not this one. Dare he ask what she carried in it? Too personal a question too soon? He wet his lips ready to change topics when Trina spoke.

“Thank you. I’d love to dance.” Trina stepped closer to him. “Been a while since I slow danced.”

Mick chuckled. “Easy to remember. Like riding a bike. Of course, unless you like to lead.”

“Oh, I’m not supposed to?” Trina grinned, raising her arms. “Maybe you better show me how this is done. You know I might need a bit of private tutorial here rather than out there.” She point to the open dance floor.

He glanced over his shoulder. “Okay, one tutorial coming up. Then we make our way across the gym and back. This is the slow long songs portion of the evening.”

Trina nodded her understanding and moved closer until he could easily see her in the darker portion where they stood. He took a hold of her wrist, instructing her as he did. “You hand goes on my shoulder. A light touch is fine.”

He reached for her other hand; Trina held it out to him. “This one goes with this one?” She touched his palm with two of her fingers. Heat burst off her deep into him and jaggedly made its way up his arm. Mick swallowed hard and nodded. Did she realize what affect she had on him?

Trina pressed her lips together. Letting out a startled gasp might send him moving away. Heat like this hadn’t happened since her late husband. The one man—human not shapeshifter—who understood her and ignited a sexual chemistry that kept its volcanic explosions going until illness claimed him. Too bad, he turned out sterile. A child or two by him to remind her of the passion and love they shared would’ve eased the pain and sorrow. She blinked pushing the five year old past memories back to where they belonged, deep in the memories of another time in her life. She’d come here to start over and it appeared she’d chosen a good place to do so. Continue reading





Trina looked over the group of men standing close to her. Two male wolves, three coyotes, and one snow leopard made up the group. None of them particularly drew her attraction or thoughts. Yet, dancing with one or two of them might get conversation flowing. After all, chaperoning a high school dance didn’t require more than keeping the kids out of dark corners. Making small talk with the other parents present and enjoying the music. Miss Elly and Vernon were out on the dance floor cutting their path across the gym. More fifties music blared out of the speakers. Even Gill and Chloe tried their hand at some of the intricate dance steps the music teacher had shown everyone before the music started.


She wiped her hands down her heavily starched poodle skirt. Missy Elly’s kindness included loaning her clothes in theme with the music. Her teased and sprayed hair bounced each time she nodded her head in time with the music. A few feet away one of the teachers named Mick stood wearing a black leather biker’s jacket, tight ass-incasing jeans, and a dark red t-shirt with the outline of wolf on it. His slicked back hair refused to adhere to the gel. Two lone curls close to the top of his forehead gave him an air of mystique. An edge that caused her breath to catch and set off warmth the reached deep into her. Sex for the sake of physical release stymied her. Her chemistry required more. An attraction and mutual interest revved her hormones. If she wanted to get off—she snickered at her use of male thoughts and terms—her battery-operated boyfriend worked fine thank you. No need for making small talk and acting nice when all she wanted and needed was a hard fast orgasm. One that rocked her to sleep or into a blissed out state that lasted more than someone poking her saying ‘my turn now.’


Mick looked up from the table, counted the number of couples on the dance floor, and smiled. At least four of his students were out there trying the steps he showed them earlier. Many were standing in segregated groups of boys and girls. Their parents were doing much the same. When had kids lost the art of mingling and mixing with the opposite sex? This was Talbot’s Peak. Sex and what it entailed wasn’t shunned or stuffed in the closet. No, every kid new the basics by age eight. After all short gestations could manifest themselves quite easily. Ah, making sure his students understood the birds and bees aspect of life wasn’t his teaching area. Music and art took more than a few hour-long sessions per week to understand and enjoy. Good thing Gill and the town council got the need for after school activities like these.

He glanced over his shoulder back to where the redhead stood. Her petiteness intrigued him. She also ignited a protectiveness he was sure she didn’t require. After all, she was part wolf and coyote, two animals that could take care of themselves. Still making her acquaintance and enjoying a few dances didn’t entail getting involved. Friendship added to life. Why not add a new friend to his group? A female one too. Mick tossed his empty cup in the trash receptacle near him and turned. The next song was a slow hold your partner close one. Easy to dance too and long enough to learn a few things about each other. Yes, a good choice. He started toward Trina.


Oooh looks like a new romance is starting up in the Peak!!  Wonder where this will go.  Let’s see what my muse, Pris, comes up with as the weeks progress.  Maybe some of my blog mates will chime in with their takes on the fall out from Cupid’s visit to Talbot’s Peak last weekend.

Remember to keep a few books handy to share with your loves and spice.  I’m busy penning a few myself.  Keep warm as winter takes it last runs and spring attempts to take hold.






Gill glanced out the window.  White everywhere and more fell from the sky.  The outside thermometer show minus five degrees.  Inside behind him, a fire roared.  Phil and his crew toasted marshmallows prepping them for the smores Chloe and Miss Ellie asked for.  The children sat near Vernon who entertained them with shadow puppets and tale tails from his youth.   No matter the temperature outside inside the mayoral mansion, warmth, love, and acceptance abounded.

Chloe hadn’t blinked an eye when the weather turned worse as the adults played cards and the children watched television.  Somewhere into the first twenty hours of the storm, his wife turned into a hostess that gave and took without problem.  Gill smiled watching Miss Ellie set out the bowls filled chocolate and graham crackers.  A stack of dinner sized paper plates sat close by as well as a stack of napkins.  A pot of green tea and mugs occupied the table too.  Smaller mugs sat next to a pitcher filled with warm milk.  Bedtime snacks were about to commence.

Seregi’s loud singing filtered down the stairs as he showered.  He’d romped with the children making snow angels and tossing snow balls at each other for almost two hours.  The petite mixed breed shapeshifter traveling with Phil and family caught Seregi’s eye.  Her wolf and timber fox mix caused most to shun her according to her.  In the Peak, folks accepted people for who they were.  What their hearts and values said about them.  If they walked the talk about what they said, short of those who sought to hurt and took delight in it—not BDSMers–well they could find another place to call home.

“See the bright star in the sky?” Vernon asked, pulling back the curtain, motioning the children to him.

“Yes, Mr. Vernon,” one of Phil’s youngest said.

“Know always where that star is.  It will lead you home.”  Vernon dropped the curtain and faced the children.  “Many of us chose this spot to claim as home.  The one place where we love and help each other because we all matter.”

Miss Ellie walked over to Vernon, holding out a plate with two smores on it.  She leaned toward him, lips puckered.  Vernon ducked his head and came up with his lips puckered too.  Their lips met.

“Dad, Miss Ellie and Mr. Vernon are at it again.” Gill looked over at his son sticking out his tongue and making a face.

“You don’t think your mother and I do that?”  Gill asked, walking over to Chloe.  He slipped his arm around her waist, hugging her close.  “Shall we show them?”

Chloe laughed.  She pointed toward the fire.  Phil took turns kissing each of his wives.  They faced the kids.  Arms spread and lips puckered, they moved toward the children making exaggerated kissing noises.  Phil followed them calling out. “Hug Monster on the loose.  Kissing one too.”

Giggles erupted.  Laughter flowed.  Tickling matches started.  Soft ‘love you’ sounded followed by ‘love you mom’ or ‘love you dad.’  Minutes passed as the joy of love enveloped everyone.

“I’m in the mood for love…” echoed down the stairs followed by Seregi’s growls.  The children giggled more as they ran to hide under the table.

“I see there is chocolate, marshmallows, and crackers.  All this will give me a large bellyache.  Who will help me eat this?”  Seregi poured himself a mug of tea.  He sipped and waited.

Trina, the mixed breed shapeshifter, rose from her place close to the fire.  She moved toward the table, pointing at it.  “I’ll help.  I think these mice under it will help too.”

The children popped out one by one calling out.  “I want to help.”

Soon smores and mugs along with glasses littered the table as all ate and shared their favorite joke.

The grandfather clock in the hall chimed ten times drowning out the laughter filling the room.  Gill held out his hand to Chloe who in turn held hers out to Miss Ellie and she to Vernon until all present formed a circle holding the hand of someone next to them.

Gill cleared his throat, drawing everyone’s focus.  “Earlier we learned snow is one of those four lettered words.”

Chuckles sounded.

Gill continued as the gaiety died down.  “I think we learned another four letter word tonight.  Love.  The love of friends, family, community, and for ourselves too.”

He raised his and Chloe’s joined hands.  “All together now.  Here’s to love and us.”

Other joined hands raised repeating the words.

The warmth and love filled the room and mayoral mansion heating it in a way that those present understood and cherish.  Cherished very much.


Happy Weekend Gang!

You can follow the adventures of Talbot’s Peak at  Shapeshifter Seductions.

Cold got you down?  Put on a warm blanket, cuddle up with your spice and share a good book or two together.  We at the Spice Homestead are.  Spring is a few weeks more off.

I hope you enjoyed today’s flash fiction piece.  I thoroughly enjoyed writing it.

Until next week, keep warm–share a book or two along with a warm blanket with your spice and loves.  It creates a lot of lovely warm feelings and nurtures a linger heat deep in the heart.



Excerpt from Work In Process

Guess Red Ridinghood’s Descendant doesn’t like the Hunter very well. (EXCERPT FROM UNCONTRACTED WIP):

“Thanks. Guess we’re stuck together.” Stacee pulled her hand away from his. Jace didn’t move until her palm no longer touched his.
He straightened and reached for the keys. “Afraid so. Our safety is a mutual need. There’s common elements I prefer to discuss at my condo.”
Jace started the Jeep. He glanced at Stacee as he shifted into reverse. Crap! She sat back against the seat. Her shoulders slumped forward. Was she frowning? Her resigned look pressed hard at his live and let live core value. He glanced at Stacee again. This time she he caught her scowling at him, muttering too. He held up his hand as he pulled into traffic. “If you’ve got something to say, speak up. Muttering isn’t going to change things.”
Keeping Martin, the pack, and those he’d seen in the vision safe happened even if one of them kept shooting him scowls and angered looks. Let her get what frustration and reactive anger she needed to out. Fear set off responses that often made no sense.

Read the First in A New Series

Dead Eye -- Alyssa Day


For Jack Shepherd, tiger shape-shifter and former soldier, life is heading for a dead end. Dead End, Florida, to be exact. When he learns that he inherited a combination pawn shop/private investigation agency from his favorite uncle, Jack’s first job is to solve his uncle’s murder. Because sometimes it takes a tiger’s eye to see the truth.

BUY: Kindle | iBooks | Kobo | Nook

Over the holidays as I recuperated from surgery, I got the chance to read the first in a new series by Alyssa Day.  I’ve read other books by her over the years.  I enjoy her voice and story telling abilities.   Dead Eye is awesome.  Yes, I said awesome!  There I said it again.

Alyssa takes romance tropes, story telling tropes, cliches, and everyday humor of life’s foibles and adds a spark of snark and mystery to them.  The story told in first person from Tess Callahan’s view is full of twist and turns.  I read to get lost and involved in the story.  This one I did time and time again.  A story that takes my mind off things is worth hooting and hollering about.  And more than once.

I recommended the book to my bestie who doesn’t like sparkly were creature stories.  He even enjoyed the book.  While he might not read others in the series, he laughed and hooted with me over the pages that we read to each other or discussed as the writers/authors we are.

Book two won’t be out until around April from what Alyssa says.  Keep your eye out for an enjoyable series and laugh out loud read.  I strongly recommend this series.

Private Eye -- Alyssa Day


When Tess Callahan, new owner of Dead End Pawn, meets her grandmother the banshee, life is about to get complicated. When Tess’s partner Jack Shepherd, tiger shapeshifter and P.I., gets involved to help them investigate a banshee-kidnapping spree, life is about to get deadly. Because nothing is ever simple in Dead End, Florida, and sometimes it takes a tiger’s eye to see the truth.


Getting Back Into the Swing



I’m back. Happy to be in the swing again. I took a much needed break for health matters. On the road to successful recovery and a healthy life again.  Resolutions happen for many at the start of the new year. I prefer life resolutions or changes my choices affect me rather than others. One of my biggest every year is to to chose to act rather than react. Easier said than done. For this year, I’ve looking at more writing and learning from feedback, rejections, suggestions, and critiques. Opinions matter
and that is what feedback contains. Weeding through and finding what works can take time and energy. It is a learning process. One we can all benefit from if we’re willing to take time to process the task.
All this comes with submissions made before Christmas. Looking at the rejections and the letter sent along with synopsis a few weeks out says there are changes I can make a different approach to saying the same things using different words. My first step in using feedback
in the new year.

Stay turned as I post more this year. Back to working on new stories for your reading enjoyment and pleasure.



Photos from WRW 2nd Readers and Bloggers Luncheon 10/10/15

Top photo I’m sitting at 3rd table back.  We had quite a few people show up.  Was great seeing people who I met last year and enjoyed reading my books.  The next photo is of the baskets authors and blog groups donated to the raffle.  The Shapeshifter Sedcutions (My blog group) is behind the pink box one.  MK Meredith’s selfie caught me in the background talking with some of the early arriving readers.  Thank you MK Meredith  and WRW for posting these to Twitter.

MK Merdith shot at bloggers luncheon me in back ground

Plunging into Fall Talbot’s Peak Style


“Vernon, you wanna run that by me one more time?” Gill looked up from the pad where he’d jotted several lines of notes.


“Sure,” Vernon, ex-deputy mayor, replied. “Instead of chunking pumpkins and making a massive mess all over town, we have a pumpkin carving contest, a bake sale, a pie eating contest, and a town wide sidewalk sale. Merchants put out pre-fall and winter items at discounted rates.” 


“Ya know doing the fall festival thing before the snow flies makes sense,” Louie chimed in. “Besides there’s plenty of charcoal left over that could be used for a bond fire that allowed different sections of town to have a story telling night along with block party barbecue too.”


Gill looked from Vernon to Louie and back. Both sat at conference table grinning and nodding. Talk about seeing double. It was like twin Cheshire cats inhabited his two best friends. Gill tossed his pen on his desk. He closed his eyes and inhaled. Halloween, the one night where all chaos broke out all over town. Of course, the last couple of years with more children out trick-n-treating, the revelry makers held off until curfew for the younger citizens came and passed. 

“Do you think an organized celebration will keep things to a low roar?” Gill almost laughed at his own pun. Noise levels around the Peak ranged from decibel ear blasting to so quiet that even he wanted to check on everyone. Once the snows came, the partiers turned into hard workers. What could one last hurrah hurt?


“Dante and his gang are ready to spread the word about low level merriment. Since the incident with the boys from the state, quite a few more humans moved closer to town. Don’t blame ‘em.” Vernon leaned forward and picked up his pad. Louie read over Vernon’s shoulder nodding a couple more times.


Louie pointed at the pad. “Moon-Moon is willing to set up the carnival rides free of charge. His carne pack wants to winter here. They know there’s money to be made even if it’s our currency. They can set up housekeeping at the abandoned school out on highway six.”


“Is the building habitable?” Gill picked up his pen. “Last I heard the place reeked from the mammoth attack.”


“Let them clean it up. They got the man and woman power. In turn, we get rent off the place.” Vernon slid his pad across the table. “Number four also makes sense too.”


Gill pulled the pad to him. He trailed his finger down the pad, grinning from time to time, until he reached Vernon’s number four. Gill snorted and looked up. “Community hot tubs and bath houses?”


“Yes!” Louie and Vernon exclaimed together. “Remember last winter when we all ended up at your place.”


“Lord do I! Chloe asked me if that was going to happen again.” Gill slid the pad back to Vernon.


“Rather than running out of hot water, we create our own from the snow. People get to bathe and commune with their neighbors. Also, wash their clothes too. Add a few washers and dryers,” Louie said.


‘How do we pay for all this?” Gill wrote a list of possible figures on his pad.

“Revenue from the state for the repairs their boys visit caused.” Vernon leaned back in his chair.      


“From the state?” Gill laid his pen down again.


Louie whistled as he read the figure Vernon wrote on the pad before he slid it back across the table to Gill. Looked like some top notch improvements were coming to the Peak.




Happy Weekend Gang!


My muse has me hard at work on another story that I’m working on the last third of.  Once that is done I can pick up with Lilly and the boys.  I got an inkling where the next chapter is going with them.  Looks like this week’s flash may be the intro for that. Perhaps one of my blog mates will take a turn at the Halloween preparations.

I hope you’re staying warm and dry. Wet cold weather arrived at the Spice Homestead.  We turned the heat on inside.  I got out a jacket too.  Even tossed a light weight fleece jacket in the car to keep handy for those chilly mornings and afternoons.   

Time turns back soon, November 1.  Keeping some books handy to read and share with your spice and loves will help as night lengthens.  Discussing a passage or two, nude and joined can be very interesting.  No, I’m not letting out secrets.  Try it you might find your reading perspective changes.

Until next week,