Abebi’s Declaration




Jackson sat down next to Abebi. Even with her baby bump showing, he couldn’t stop wanting her. Every time he saw a pregnant woman, Jackson inhaled and delighted in the taste of feminine pheromones rolling across his wolfish taste buds. Each woman smelled different. Humans had a distinct tang to them. Abebi and the other shifters of the pack tasted unique. Their odor together here in the room ramped his male horny id into overdrive. One of the women present kept giving him the once-over stare. She’d smiled at him and winked more than once. Jackson was sure if he stood up, his obvious reaction would be present for all to see. Hiding a hard-on wasn’t easy when his cock felt like it was swollen and ready to orgasm from the first touch from any of the women present.


Abebi shifted in her seat. The group baby shower for the pregnant women of the pack as well as their extra partners made sense. Ten females besides herself were expecting babes. A couple of human newcomers to Remoor Beach were present. They shyly flirt and smiled as the men attending the function talked with them. At first, they hadn’t known how to take the gathering until Remo had introduced the group and explained that flirting was harmless unless someone decided to take it further and that was up to all involved to work out. Jackson sitting next to her indicated where his preference laid for the moment. How was he taking things? Abebi turned catty-cornered to Jackson and put her hand on his.


Jackson’s gaze met hers. Abebi nodded and wet her lips. Time had come to speak her mind. “Jackson, I said I’d think about sharing you. I wonder if you’ve given much thought to sharing me or what opening our relationship means to you.”


Jackson bobbed his head and wrapped his hand around hers. “I’m new to sharing a gal of my own. Back in the Peak, females in heat were open targets. Cross mating didn’t occur much unless you frequented Dante’s Interspecies Pleasure den. Here its accepted and encouraged. I prefer this community over the purists views.”


Abebi inhaled and glanced over her shoulder. The two hunks she’d been dreaming about for the last three weeks were standing close by wearing nothing but loosely knotted towel sarongs. The hot-tub was heating up. Remo loved hot-tubing as much as he loved making a woman climax. Abebi ducked her head as vivid images of the two and Jackson fondling her as she lounged nude in the hot tub flushed searing heat over her. The need to orgasms rocked her genitals and throbbed deep within her belly.


Jackson smiled as he watched Abebi flush. Her cheeks and neck faint red tinge told him she was shopping the males in the room as much as he was the women. Sex oozed from all present. No one seemed bothered by it. This party wasn’t about getting it on or scoring as some of the human males referred to it. Rather the attendants were open to pursuit and acknowledged their sexual interest as positive. Jackson found he liked being able to think about other women sexually without having to worry about Abebi being upset. Flirting was fun and the idea of taking up with a few of those present intrigued him.


“Have you decided if you’re willing to share me? Open our relationship up to include others?” Jackson scooted closer to Abebi. He straddled the bench he sat on and pulled her back to him. “Lean on me and tell me what is going on in that pretty head of yours.”


Abebi’s suppressed laugh vibrated his chest. Jackson reached down, cupped her chin, and tilted her head gently back until he could see her face. Her mirth light up her eyes and her cheeks colored more. Abebi’s grin was infectious. Jackson leaned down and brushed his lips over hers. As he pulled away, Abebi spoke.

“Sharing can be awkward. I’ve never been in the position of the one making the decision affecting more than myself. Most of the males I’ve pursued were single and wanted a dalliance for a while with no permanence. Now I’m part of a couple as well as a larger extended group. I’m unsure at times.”

Abebi reached up and patted his cheek as she sighed.


Jackson nodded. “I understand. I’m there too. Remo said each couple works out their own rules and agreements. I’ve given that some thought.”


“Me too. Sandy said she and Mick have one that requires disclosure often and early. No surprises if possible. Of course, acting without notice is frowned upon with them. Its a matter of declaration of intents.”


Jackson chuckled. “Darling, you’re more important to me than any other female, critter or human. I signed on cuz I wanted to not, not because I was forced. I can look and lust. Taking another filly into my bed is gonna be a decision you will know about and are comfortable with. Okay?’


Abebi’s smile grew and deepened as Jackson hugged her. “Let’s try this ground rule for now. If we see someone who we are interested in and want to pursuit even for just a sexual interlude we tell each other first and talk it out. If more develops we keep on communicating, and no unprotected sex. No more unplanned pregnancies, right?”


Jackson lifted Abebi’s hand from her stomach where it had laid protectively cupping their pups. He nibbled her fingers before kissing her palm and closing his hand around hers. “No unplanned anything darling. Keeping you and anyone else we’re interested in safe is of utmost importance to me. Now as to what’s got you blushing—tell me who and how I’m involved.”




Happy Weekend Gang!


Sorry for the late posting.  End of the month at work as well as two holidays in two weeks is enough to tire anyone out.  The Spice Homestead celebrated a wonderful loving Christmas among our family of five at our own domiciles.  Its great to have this much love in my life and loving family members.  I hope your Holiday was joyous and filled with those you love and hold dear.  May the New Year bring you love enriched, multiplied, and increasing.  May the next year be filled with joyous happiness and laughter and very few moments of tears and fears.  Keep on sharing a good book or two with your spice and loves! Happen over Bookstrand.com and pre-order HOT FOR TORREY or one of my other books.  JET LAG BLUES is on sale for half price.




Be Careful What You Wish For

“What job?”  Jackson burped as he tried to swallow his mouth full of burger.  Damn, Remo knew when to catch a dude off guard.

Remo slid another half-full beer glass to Jackson.  “Now that you’re eating son, listen up.  A few more swallows won’t have you drunk. “

Jackson continued chewing. Listening didn’t cost him anything.  Besides his cash would stretch so far before he needed work.  Cattle herding and cowboy work wouldn’t be plentiful amongst the beach crowd.  The rodeo circuit closed for the season.  And there was that piece of paper he’d signed.  A blood oath that no shape shifter took for granted.  If Abebi passed by the window one more time, Jackson swore. . .

“Son, eyes here.  Ears here.  That sweet she wolf will be back.  She’s agitated.  They get that way in their first trimester.  Keep your focus.”  Remo smiled, waved his hand in front of Jackson’s face.

“Yes, I’m listening.”  Jackson drained the second glass of beer.  “Make it good, Remo.  Agitated fillies don’t settle easily.”

Remo nodded his low laugh barely audible.  “Relax Jackson.  Remoor Beach is my family’s haunt for more years than either of us has lived.  I intend to keep it in the family as long as possible.  But humans are amongst us.  We’re an oddity to them as they are to us.”

Sandy walked past Jackson.  She paused near the front door.  “Remo, I’ll take Abebi over to Starbuck’s.  Maybe Lacey will have her afternoon pastries done so we women can keep out of your hair for a bit longer.”

As the front door swung shut, Remo turned back to Jackson.  “Best way to get accepted into the pack is to become involved.”

“Involved?”  Jackson didn’t like the way Remo stressed the word.  And his sideways glance sent shivers up and down Jackson’s psyche in ways that caused goose bumps to cower.  Not a good sign.

Remo leaned on the bar, toying with a toothpick.  “A united community means peaceful co-existence.  Got us a few mixed species families making homes here.  Hell even the pack is a mixture.  Sandy is married to my brother-in-law.  He’s an owl shifter from London.”

“You’re married to a bird?” Jackson almost spit as he got his words out.  So much for enjoy the last few sips of his beer.

“Long story for another full moon.”  Remo shrugged.  “Been with her two decades plus.  The last of our brood is off to college.  My baby girl is moving away.  I can’t be in two places at once.”

“So where do I fit in?”  Jackson stood, his hands resting on the bar palms down.

“Into a Hawaiian shirt and shorts.” Remo tossed a multicolored flyer on the bar along with a lanyard with a badge attached.

Jackson read the large print on the flyer.  His eyes widened.  He began shaking his head.  “No, there’s got to be another way.”

“Best way to get to know everyone is to jump in.  Judging the annual sand castle contest on my behalf is the stamp of approval you need.  I ain’t gonna be around to protect your hide.  I’ve got mine to defend by riding shot gun over college males eyeing my baby girl as she moves into her dorm.”  Remo pushed the lanyard to Jackson.

Jackson eyed the judge’s badge.  He liked art and beauty was in the eye of the beholder.  This might not be so bad.  “What’s a Hawaiian shirt and shorts got to do with this?”  Jackson held the badge up.

Remo winked.  The slow grin spreading across his face had Jackson ready to dash out the door.  “Official uniform of the judging committee.  We need to stand out you know.  Be easy to spot.”