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Drake and Jon want to act on their attraction to Tina. Can 2 hunks, 1 lady, + lovemaking create a lifelong future?


Torrey wants Holt. Holt doesn’t want 1-night stands. Can they resolve their issues and past to become the real thing?Hot For Torrey Cover

Snippet from Current Unpublished Work in Progress

“This is about kids. Right?” Leslie drew in several deep breaths. He and Nina had their share of fallouts over the years. Four years of college and two years of grad school provided them the space they had needed to grow up emotionally and get a few experiences that they might not have had if they’d married right out of high school.

“Gut punched me that day. I’d gotten the thanks Dad but we don’t want to spend the summer with you call from Jennifer and Hailey. I want a family.” Tim sat up, drinking more of his soda.

“Susan is comfortable, available, and—you ready to say?”

“Fucking hot.” Tim buried his face in his hands.

“The weekend you were in Vegas?”

“Oh yea. Two days of unadulterated sex. We didn’t leave the room until I got the call my shuttle was waiting. Susan was in the shower. I bolted without a goodbye.”

“Damn dude. And you were so cold to her at Angela’s wedding the last time you saw her.”

Tim looked up. He shook his head as he spoke. “Dumb ass again. Now do you get why I’m sure why I’m challenged on this.”


Looks like Tim has got a problem to solve.  His attraction to Susan appears to come home to roost.  Will he get to act on this or will Susan tell him to go away again?

How About A Hot Beach Read Before Summer Arrives?



[Ménage and More: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA]

Tina Davidson can’t avoid being set up with a date for her best friend’s costume-themed wedding shower. When two dates dressed as pirates show up claiming to be her date for the evening, Tina begins wondering what buried treasures she may uncover before the night’s over.

Jon Smithson and Drake Cranston are ready to act on their shared attraction. Jon and Drake have failed at a shared relationship before. They’re ready to try again, this time with Tina.

Tina’s had her share of failed affairs too. Is she ready to put her bad relationships behind her and give love another chance? Brought together by their friends’ wedding turned elopement, the three find their mutual desire growing. Acting upon their desire and attraction is going to do more than heat things up. Can two hunks, one lady, plus nights of passionate lovemaking create a lifelong future together?


Cascade Bay Series-Great Erotic Romance Reads

Hot For Torrey Cover sg-cb-tinastreasures


Hot for Torrey (MF)
Cascade Bay


[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]

Torrey Neadson wants more than physical intimacy—she wants love, connection, and the white picket fence. Torrey blew the chance at having it all with Holt Addison, once. Until he can connect with her on an emotional level, she’ll make do taking care of herself.

Holt doesn’t want any more one-night stands. Being friends with benefits with Torrey became more and introduced him to a deeper relationship. The problem is Torrey moved on before he could tell her. Holt thought he could move on, too. Can they overcome their unsettled past to become the real thing?

Their respective friends want them back together, but Torrey and Holt have unresolved issues, and lingering feelings keep getting in the way. What starts out as botched setup date rapidly turns into days and nights full of surprises.

Tina’s Treasures (MFM)
Cascade Bay 2


Ménage and More: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA]

Tina Davidson can’t avoid being set up with a date for her best friend’s costume-themed wedding shower. When two dates dressed as pirates show up claiming to be her date for the evening, Tina begins wondering what buried treasures she may uncover before the night’s over.

Jon Smithson and Drake Cranston are ready to act on their shared attraction. Jon and Drake have failed at a shared relationship before. They’re ready to try again, this time with Tina.

Tina’s had her share of failed affairs too. Is she ready to put her bad relationships behind her and give love another chance? Brought together by their friends’ wedding turned elopement, the three find their mutual desire growing. Acting upon their desire and attraction is going to do more than heat things up. Can two hunks, one lady, plus nights of passionate lovemaking create a lifelong future together?


Kristoff started toward the door unsure how to approach Martha. Her nightmares left her shaken and unsure. He knew she needed space along with time to work her way through the layers of illusions and visions that grappled for her psychic connection to the next world. The one that many call the layer between the here and now and the afterlife. Three months passed without a call or instance of someone knocking at her door begging for her assistance. Even the local newspaper and TV station left her alone. He’d do whatever he could to help her. Even if it meant posing as her husband like the last case they worked. Maybe this time, things wouldn’t go left unsaid or misunderstood.

Kristoff grabbed his boots, pulling them on as he hesitated near his backdoor. The sun’s first beams trickled across the peak of Martha’s roof. He could feel the pull of the light calling him forth as if he were part of it. He blinked knowing that his job as a guardian wasn’t over until the cosmos decided his job assignment was done. He didn’t mind when he got selected for jobs like this one. Country living with a job he liked as a cover. And decent folks to live amongst. Still, Martha’s allure pulled at him in ways he hadn’t expected. Guardian with an angelic past that got a bit tarnished in the last battle for heaven vs. hell. He was allowed physical pleasures when he took human form. This time maybe, just maybe he’d find the mate the powers-that-be hinted at.

Pulling his jacket on, he looked upward as he started out the open door. The sun as if on cue rose higher in the sky, caressing him with her warmth and flashing over him. He stumbled catching the banister lest he keep on stumbling down the stairs. The vision that enveloped him and passed held more information than he could discern without writing down what he saw and heard. It would have to wait. Martha needed him.

Martha kept petting Callie and Azul crooning as she did. Cool and brisk were the two words she repeated over and over. The day would grant her a window of reprieve. The solace she needed to keep her wits about her. Her job, the one the higher powers called a gift, could wait. Her love and joy had an appointment with her. The local school age children would be at the library at nine sharp demanding help find the books she talked about during story hour. Yes, children bless their hearts and souls nourished the small fragile piece of hope she cherished and hid deep within her heart.

New Serial: Pumpkin Patch- Chapter One


Martha Kylies belted her Fair Isle print sweater tighter. The frost on the ground indicated last night’s temperature dipped lower than predicted.  The closer to her garden she got the whiter the patches of frost became. Even her breath clouded as she exhaled. The east side of her property would warm as sunrise bloomed. For now, the rose-colored clouds dotting the sky spoke of the return of warmth and a fall day rich in color.
Two steps from the calf high fence surrounding the rows of plants and herbs she carefully cultivated, Azul her Russian Blue feline greeted her. His plaintive mews told of his dislike spending the night outside. Martha squatted, reaching out with her hand, motioning Azul to her. She spoke as she began petting him. “If you’d come in when I called last night, you could have slept warm and snug curled up in the quilt.”
As she started to rise, she glanced toward the garden. Two eyes similar in color to Azul’s golden ones peered back at her from under the leaves of one of the pumpkin plants close to the fence. She slowly moved toward the plant, speaking softly as she did. “So this is why you wanted out last night. Found a girlfriend have you.”
Soft meows increased as Martha reached the where the eyes watched her. She dropped to her knees slowly pulling the leaves back. Four more sets of eyes greeted her as high-pitched mews began. Reaching out she, continued talking quietly. “Easy Momma, I’m here to help.” Keeping her hand where the Calico female could sniff, Martha counted four kittens about six to eight weeks old. Due the lack of efficient light, making out color and markings wasn’t easy. Azul and his female companion had a brood between them. Moving the kittens along with the female into the enclosed back porch wasn’t going to be easy. If the female was feral, her trust of humans might not exist. For now, getting the female used to her mattered. Trust certainly didn’t come easy for those whose past experiences left them burned by those who violated their trust. Martha understood that one first hand.
“You’re Callie. Does Kristoff know you’re out?” Martha spoke stroking the head of the kittens’ mother. A soft purr rumbled beneath Martha’s hand as she stroked down Callie’s side. Azul butted up against Martha’s leg purring loudly too. She reached down with her other hand stroking familiar soft fur. For a moment, peace mixed with tranquility in the early morning quiet. Martha sat back on her heels, enjoying the Azul’s familiar purrs and fur beneath her hand as she petted him. Equally relaxing, she continued stroking Callie’s side enjoying her purrs as well.
Back across the garden and the hundred yards separating Martha’s property from his, Kristoff Bolenger sat at his kitchen table. A half-drunk cup of coffee sat before him. Next to him laid an open Farmer’s Almanac. He rubbed his eyes, reached for his glasses, and yawned. Another late night out searching for his aunt’s cat found him spending the night on his couch again. Taking care of his elder aunt’s prize possession took more than he realized. Ever since the kittens arrived, Callie’s nighttime adventures increased. Nailing the dog door shut hadn’t worked. Skeeter cried and barked wanting out oftener since she couldn’t come and go as she liked. Poor gal liked her freedom. He didn’t blame his Australian shepherd one bit. Sitting on the porch with the chill in the air and the fire pit blazing, Skeeter by his side as the grill across the pit sizzled and cooked his meal, brought an air of peace to the end of the day.
With his reading glasses in place, Kristoff picked up the almanac going back to where he left off reading. Winter’s snow accumulation and predicted temperatures set his internal temperature rising. Even though he gave up farming a decade ago, planning how to keep his moderate gardening business a float during the coldest parts of year took precedence once the first frost appeared. Last night’s chill spoke of careful planning and action. Keeping his neighbors in deicer products and his own hothouse heated took funds that his accounting needed careful strategizing. Over spending could lead to deficits and cash crunches that necessitated using credit that could easily eat into spring and summer profits. Yes, planning careful or not took time and energy. Neither of which he had much of. Outside, two orders for farms on the outskirts of town filled his medium-sized panel truck. On his way back to town, two of farmer’s market tenants needed their produce and wares picked up for the market opening mid-morning in the parking lot he shared with the church next door to his business. No, not much time to sit and plan at leisurely pace. Glancing at his watch, Kristoff cussed. He had forty minutes to shower, shave, and gulp some breakfast.
He pulled off his glasses, tossed them on the table as he rose. He gulped the last of his cold coffee before placing his cup in the sink. Food somewhere registered in the back of his mind. Shaking his head, he opened his refrigerator. Nearly empty and bare shelves greeted him. Great, now he had another item on his growing to do list. Grocery shopping the one chore he despised next to cleaning. He kept his dust bunny population next to nil. Vacuuming once a month worked given the hardwood floors throughout most of the house. The bedroom area rugs peeked out from under the furniture covering them. The guest room served as his office and the small back bedroom held a sofa bed that got used when his cousin Rafe came into state needing a place to crash in-between his truck driving stints. His house told of his male preferences and he liked the way he lived just fine thank you. Next time Aunt Helen decided she wanted to lecture him on his cleaning he’d hand her the mop and broom asking for a demonstration after he lectured her on keeping Callie under control. Of course, Aunt Helen’s next visit was probably a few years off given her recent move to Australia.
Kristoff paused as he neared the staircase. What he saw through the dining room window caught his attention. Martha kneeled near the corner of her garden where the pumpkin plants they planted together earlier in the summer grew. She appeared to be intently focused on something. Her hands moved back and forth in separate rhythms. Was she praying over the plants as she often said she did when he tended his share of their joint garden? He squinted moving closer to the window as the first beams of sunlight illuminated the yard between their places. He swallowed hard as Martha turned her face toward the sun bathing her shoulders and neck. Kristoff began buttoning his shirt muttering as he did. Martha was crying. What or who had driven her from her sleep to seek solace outside in the chill of the early morning?

Who Doesn’t Like Free Books?

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Tomorrow is release day for TINA’S TREASURES book 2 in my Cascade Bay Series.  To celebrate, I’m giving away two ARCS to random commenters.  The first ARC is book one HOT FOR TORREY.  The second ARC is TINA’S TREASURES.  One lucky commenter will receive both ARCS!  How do you enter you ask?  Leave a comment on why you love menage romances and erotic romances.  Include your name and email address.  I’ll contact you by email concerning your prize.  If the chosen winners don’t respond within 24 hours another entry will be drawn.  Come on and enter!  It’s simple and easy. 

Busy Writing Away

Happy Belated New Year!  I’ve written book two in my Cascade Bay series.  Siren Publishing is releasing the book.  This is under their Menage and More imprint.

Another project I’m working on is finishing up a paranormal twist on the Red Riding Hood fairy tale.

I’m fleshing out a new erotic paranormal series with shape shifters and more menage happening.

While you’re waiting for Book 2 of Cascade Bay to come out, stop by Siren Publishing and pick up the first book in the series Hot for Torrey.



Brewski Brewed for Full Moonlight Ale



Gill wiped down two more bottles and set them next to the case on top of the bar.  Three full cases sat halfway down the bar.  Another fifteen were loaded on the panel truck outback of Rattigan’s.   Ten more cases to go and they’d have enough liquor to get them through the fullest moon nights to hit the Peak in over a year.  This had to happen right on top of Fair opening night.  They’d done what they could to mitigate the circumstances.

The contents of each bottle held the ale Lex and Louie carefully mixed and aged under Dante’s care.  More like threat of shredded asses if shifters only got potioned.  Dante didn’t like the idea of trickery.   Local shifters would understand the hint due to the ale’s name, Full Moonlight Ale.  Humans would think the name was a play on the other two major brewers using moon in their names.   Anyone who drank the smooth pale amber liquid would get a mild buzz that lasted for a few hours.  Hops mixed with other fermented grains produced a higher alcohol content than regular beer and kept the proof well below harder stuff.  Mystic Falls would have a hard cider lemonade stand next to the Rattigan’s as well as Sandy Valley’s twisted tea booth.   Who knew that the growing shape shifter communities in Mystic Falls and Sandy Valley would vote to join in on the idea of selling alcohol to help control an outbreak spooked humans if and when the shifters morphed?

Gill glued labels on the bottles close to him.  Rattigan’s Microbrewery distilled small amounts of beers, liquors, and the occasional fermented drink for a small group of local connoisseurs.  They usually provided their own ingredients for the obnoxious smelling concoctions they fermented.   Two months ago, Bettina started experimenting with the fermenting process.  Her results yielded a blood red ale and beer combination she named Vampire Surprise.  The fangs that drank it loved the kick and the lingering buzz.  The brew contained enough sanguine ingredients to sate their blood lust.  Louie sold out of the stock almost as fast as Bettina and her business partner, the local blood bank, could distill the drink.  The blood bank mixed human and shifter blood together in the pouches they delivered while still fulfilling their community obligation to the hospital and vet clinic.

Louie’s voice followed by Dante’s flowed out the open kitchen door.  “Dante, thanks for helping us come up with a solution to what might otherwise be a full moon fiasco.”

“You’re welcome, Louie.  I’ve got pledges from shifters and humans to help with policing attendees and keeping their consumption within reason.”  Dante’s voice carried his businessman tone.  Gill knew Dante respected and loved the Peak as much as any citizen, but Dante pulled no punches about where his ethics stood on keeping everyone safe.

“I hope,” Louie started as a yell sounded.  A loud rumble followed by the floor shaking.  “Shit, some dumb shifter is tinkering with the fermentation process again!”   Any more of Louie’s response was lost as a loud clanging started as the floor quaked harder.  Gill shook his head and ran around the bar.

As he reached the kitchen door, Gill found Dante was holding his sides laughing.  Bettina’s six-foot-ten body guard stood in front of Louie looking down at him.  Louie stood toe to toe with the brute shaking his meat clever at him while holding a sharp wooden stake in his other hand.  Nelson kept nodding as Louie cussed, said something in Jersey speak and cussed again.  The chef hat Nelson wore bobbed every time he nodded.  And the white butcher’s apron he wore fit him like a 1950’s housewife apron.  His cameo t-shirt and black jeans served to make the hat and apron standout more.  Yet, he was the chief brewer and fermenter.  Bettina mentioned Nelson’s assorted past and alluded to bootlegging and moonshine recipes.

Dante wiped his eyes and turned to Gill.  “We got things under control for now.  I might need to talk to Lex about having Marissa set up a pastry stand next to their coffee booth.  Her anti-angst muffins and other soothing magical sweets might be the offset we need.  Not to mention making sure plenty of food is available period.”

Gill grinned.  “Hot, horny shifters, booze, sweets, and lots of other food, right!  I hope the humans attending don’t give us as much trouble.  Good thing we set a curfew on kid attendance.”

Gill moved back into Rattigan’s dining room.  His term as mayor was turning out differently than he expected.


Happy Weekend Gang!
Sorry for the late post.  This flash required some finessing after the scene came to me.  Looks like Talbot’s Peak Fair is getting ready to commence.  Join us beginning next Saturday for the Fair.  Our week long posts will bringing you snap shots of the happenings along withvignettes of the folks attending and running the fair.   We look forward to you and our Talbot’s Peak group enjoying Fair week.  Drop by http://shapeshifterseductions.blogspot.com/ to join us.
Until then, remember to share a good book of two with your loves and spice!  I know I will!