Cason Awakens

Cason groaned and tried to open one eye. His stomach rushed up to meet his throat. Inhaling sharply, he lay his head on his forearm. What the hell had hit him? Why did he feel like he’d tied on a 3 day drinking binge with his frat brothers? Fuck, the last time he’d been stupid enough to do that he’d woken up to find Nitchell hovering over him. Had the little bastard slipped him – – –

Images slammed through Cason’s mind. Vivid underwater scenery and glimpses of far off mountains faded as he drew in a deep breath and slowly exhaled. His stomach sank back to its normal position, close to his navel. Raising his head with care and caution, Cason opened one eye. He counted the pairs of feet near him. At least five people stood nearby. Shit, what had Nitchell done now to draw attention to them?

“I think he’s coming round.” Nitchell’s fake cockney accent rankled Cason every time he heard it. Having a sea sprite for a guardian angel didn’t make life any easier, nor did wondering what else the gods might decide to throw at him. When had he pissed them off so thoroughly?

“Nitchell, lower your voice,” a female scolded. Cason’s eyes roved up the pair of feminine legs closest to him. They stopped at her red haired thatch. Another darker colored one stood next to her. When had Sandra taken up with women? Did Nemos know?

“Yes, I know every purr she makes, my friend.” Cason’s gaze inched left. A hand waved before him. His eyes clapped shut as he groaned.

“Nemos, move before I throw up.” Cason no more than spat out his last words and his stomach spewed up his throat. Several gut retching minutes later, two sets of hands helped Cason roll over.

“Take it easy.” A softer unknown feminine voice offered. “Jaxson has gone to the house to get you some water and a clean shirt.”

Cason shielded his eyes as he tried opening them again. Next to Sandra, another nude female stood. Nemos squatted near him, sniffing the air. “Do I smell that foul?”

Nemos smiled. “No, keeping an eye on the beach and those that approach. Two yards in either direction are groups that could move toward us. Right now they are interested in the waves and surf more than a group of people standing around.”

“If he can stand, we need to move back up behind our privacy fence. The life guards are coming on duty soon.” A tall black haired male stepped around Sandra and her companion. “I’m Jaxson and this is my mate Tessa.” He pointed to the lithe blonde next to Sandra.

“I’m Cason.” He tried to sit up. His vision blurred and his stomach lurched. “Can someone halt the train trying to run over me again?” Cason grabbed his head and swayed upright.

“Easy said than done mate,” Nitchell quipped. Cason squinted at him.

“Nitchell what the hell did you do to—“A female groan drowned out Cason’s next words.

All turned to face the lone woman still prone next to them. Her ash blonde locks hid her face. Her nude body left little to the imagination as she turned on her side.

“Who is she?” Cason staggered to his feet. Easing his way away from her, he wondered why he felt an over whelming need to protect her.


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A New Hero Enters




Cason kicked off his sandals and stepped out on to the sand. The beach was empty at this hour of the day. Most of the surfers and early morning joggers had left before the heat began staking its claim.

A few feet down the beach, Cason noticed an odd shape on the sand toward the water line. The tail fins looked different from the ones he’d seen deep sea fishing. And the color hue ran darker than most surface or mid-sea dwellers he’d encountered scuba diving. Was it a new species of whale? The tail didn’t fit a dolphin’s nor a whale’s either. He sped up his gait as he saw the clouds clear revealing more sun on the section of beach he headed towards.

As he got closer, a strange melodious sound filled his ears. Shaking his head, Cason looked around. He’d had his share of delusions from too much oxygen and the bends during diving incidents. He knew angels hovered around him as he assisted with water rescues. His job as an EMT didn’t permit him much rest during the summer. This year he knew his vacation time needed to be. He wanted to find himself and regain the balance he’d had before he lost her.

“Look mate,” a high-pitched voice began. Cason glanced to his left. Just above the wave rolling toward shore, his sea sprite companion, Nitchell, hovered. His squeaky British accented voice indicated something was amiss.

“Dude, calm down.” Cason pointed toward the large blob he intended on investigating. “I’m not stupid enough to rush whatever it is.”

Nitchell’s laughter overwhelmed the music Cason kept hearing. “Sorry, mate. I’ve seen her kind before.” He moved closer to Cason.

Cason shot him a scowl. Nitchell crossed his eyes and stuck out his tongue. Why did he have to get stuck with a hunk for his charge? A hunk who attracted women and men alike. Neither of them was queer. He disliked referring to them as gay. That word described his outlook on life and not from a sexual one either. Nitchell sighed as Cason waved him off and moved closer to her.

Two feet from the fishy blob, his charge had sense enough to stop. Any closer and she’d have him within her clutches. Blasted sea women.

“Nitchell!” A sharp motherly voice boomed through his conscience. All right not all were blasted. His dear sainted mother and aunts were good ladies of the sea. How his father dealt with them all living under his roof was beyond him. Not his problem. One human hunk with the ability to see and hear spirits was his and right now keeping him away from her mattered.

Cason knelt where he stopped. No, it couldn’t be. Yet, even though he blinked twice. . .even thrice, she didn’t disappear. Before him, sprawled on the sand, lay one partially shifted nude mermaid. What did he do now?


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Blatant Promo-Solara Gordon News

Happy weekend everyone!. You’ve had time to drool over the cover and blurb. Jet Lag Blues released June 22nd.  Stop by and read an excerpt.

On another note, I got reviewed by RT Bookreviews magazine. Also known as Romantic Times.
I made print copy along with a review on their website. See below:

by Solara Gordon

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, Erotic Romance

RT Rating

There is plenty of heat and sexual tension between Brent and Bunny to keep the pages turning. However, some of the plot elements slow the pace of the story and make it feel long. Endearing characters and the burgeoning relationship make it a worthwhile and entertaining read.

Bunny Kater has a thing for men in uniform, especially firefighters. She can’t seem to quell her attraction to Fire Chief Brent Stephens. However, she has sworn off men and relationships for the time being; her sex toys are a lot less complicated.

Brent has been watching Bunny for a long time and fortuitous circumstances have put him very close to her. Soon, their attraction cannot be denied and a tentative relationship ensues. Can Brent break the walls surrounding this commitment-shy woman to give their relationship a chance? (SIREN, Sep. ‘10, 178 pp., $13.50)

Reviewed By: Keitha Hart

Publisher: SIREN

Published: September 2010

To say I am proud and walking on air is to put it mildly. . .okay it is exactly what I’m feeling!
So stop by the interview and contest or if you’ve read RED HOT and would like to leave your review at RT go ahead.

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New Cover and Release Blurb!!

I love cover art and the images artist come up with for covers. This is my latest release due out next month. What I love most is the realistic aspect of the picture. The sensual playfulness and erotic nature is caught in the shot very well. Jinger Heaston’s cover at is fantastic. She’s done both of my covers now. I hope to have her on future releases too.

This has been a long week work wise for me. Too often not enough sleep or hours to accomplish what is needed. I’m in the middle of revisions and edits so my muse is caught up in tweaking the story line and roughing out the edges for the juicy read you’ve been waiting for.

Here is a blurb tid bit for you:

Who better to get snowed in with than your friends? That’s what Val Swarter thinks until she finds herself sharing a king-size bed with her boyfriend Darryl Swanson and his best friend Mason Cox. Val’s desired both Mason and Darryl for sometime and she knows the two men have shared threesomes before. None of them wants to jeopardize their friendship, but when desire turns into a frank discussion and love is revealed, they’re going to have to decide how to become three in love, a cohesive family triad.

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