Dare To Love Again


The saying goes all work and no play makes life dull. Can three business partners mix love, sex and work? Ron Bailey, Mary Bates and Jeff Nickerson are about to find out. Can they grow into three in love? Will uncertainty and moving outside their individual comfort zones stop them from trying?  Buy Now

“True. I appreciate your honesty. It’s one of the reasons we get along well.” Mary made her way across the lobby toward the elevator. As Ron caught up with her, she added, “Thanks for being you.”

“You’re welcome. Anything less would be a lie. I can’t fake me.”

Mary chortled. “I certainly can’t imitate you either. I can’t sing in that deep baritone voice you’ve got.”

Ron grinned at her and stuck out his tongue. Mary pressed her lips together, biting back where her thoughts went. She swallowed and gave Ron a raspberry. “Pfffft.” She grinned and said, “Ah well, someday maybe you’ll sing me to sleep the way you do Tabitha.”

“Ask me to stay over and you might get your own special lullaby,” Ron offered.

Mary ducked her head and walked to the elevator, pushed the button and looked back at Ron. He made a semi-bow and walked up to her. He leaned down and whispered close to her ear. “Might also get you to sing out a pleasing orgasm song, too.”

She licked her lips, glanced at Ron and said, “You gotta wanna first. Then see if your piccolo can reach those high notes.”

Ron snorted as the elevator doors opened. He straightened up, shaking his head. He waited until they were inside to respond to her. “Good comeback, dear. I plan on making you reach those high notes again and again after a few auditions.”

“What auditions?”

“Oh, you didn’t know I adore multiorgasmic women?”

Mary pushed the button for the third floor. She fanned herself as she faced Ron. “This multiorgasmic woman might just wear you out.”

“I do so love a challenge,” Ron quipped as they reached their floor.

Mary rose on her tiptoes, kissed Ron’s cheek and replied. “Thanks for helping me relax. You sure can flirt.”

Ron smiled, winked, and walked out of the elevator humming. As she caught up with him, he stopped part way down the hall and remarked. “Maybe I wasn’t flirting.”

Mary opened her mouth ready to zing another cheeky reply when a door close to them opened and Jeff walked out carrying a bulging trash bag. Jeff smiled, and nodded as he walked past them saying, “Trash receptacle needs to eat, too. Go on in.”

Ron snickered, wet one fingertip, and drew a vertical line in the air. He murmured as they entered Jeff’s condo. “Oh you poor thing. Two men with similar senses of humor.”

Mary gawked at Ron as she entered Jeff’s condo. Similar senses of humor? Huh? What had she missed? “What are you talking about?”

“Inanimate objects treated like they’re alive.” Ron placed the pizzas on the pass-through counter. “Like me and the blender? Or my mulish computer?”

Mary smiled and nodded. “Can so relate. I got a few of those dang things, too.”

Ron chuckled. “One item we all have in common.”

“What’s that?” Jeff asked, closing the door behind him.

“Quirky sense of humor,” Mary added.

Jeff grinned at her and faced Ron. “Is that what you were going to say?”

“Yes,” Ron said walking over to her. He reached for the bags she held as he continued speaking. “I think there’s another thing we all have in common.”

Mary looked at Jeff. He shrugged and shook his head. She handed Ron the bags. “Okay, what is it?”

“We care for each other and we’re friends.” Ron set the bags on the counter next to the pizzas.

“I agree,” Jeff said, walking into the kitchen. “Nice to have things to build upon.”

“Build upon?” Mary asked, following him into the kitchen.

“Yes. Did a bit of research before I fell asleep.” Jeff crossed the kitchen to the refrigerator and turned. “Seems multipartnered relationships often have a common ground to build upon.”

“Whoa,” Ron said. He leaned against the doorframe, his arms at his sides. Jeff glanced at Ron’s hands. They appeared opened and relaxed. Good, starting a fistfight wasn’t what he had in mind. Food and discussion was as far as he got in possibilities for evening.

Ron stepped into the kitchen. “There’s a lot of research out there. Some of its based on factual findings. Some on conjecture. Be careful what you believe.”

“Good point,” Jeff replied. “I remember Mrs. Markham’s literature class and the citations we had to come up with.”

“Lord,” Ron groaned. “That woman would hound you on authenticating your findings four times over.”

“Mrs. Markham?” Mary asked opening and closing cabinets.

“Yes, junior year American lit class. What you looking for?” Jeff inquired.

“Glasses. Makes putting ice and soda together easier, you know.”

“My bad. I haven’t unpacked them yet.” He walked over to the box setting closest to the sink and back wall of cabinets, torn the box open and sat three glasses in the sink.

“Did you order everything and have it delivered?” Mary asked, squirting dish detergent on to the sponge in the sink.

“No. Movers packed up my old place and put stuff into storage about four months ago. Mia oversaw that for me. She called the people who helped her and Stan move.” Jeff rinsed and dried each glass.

“I’m hungry. Let’s get food on the table and we can talk more then, okay?” Ron was at the stove with the oven open. “It’ll take about five minutes to warm up the pizzas.”

“I’ll take care of the salad,” Mary said, taking the bowl Jeff held out to her.

“I’ll set the table.” Jeff started back across the kitchen toward the pile of boxes he’d gotten the glasses out of.

“One of the bags has plates, napkins, and utensils in it. Why not use them?” Ron asked, placing one of the pizzas in the oven.

Jeff emptied the bags on the table, laid out plates, napkins, and packaged utensils. “Oh, double chocolate brownie. Thanks, dude. Haven’t had one in a while.”

Enjoying Writing

Almost 8K in on newest story line: Book Two of Pacific Cay Trilogy-Working title for Menage/Polyamory love story Dare to Love Again. M/F/M

I love when characters come alive and the words start flowing. These three are connecting and telling me their story.

Here’s to 40k and an awesome story for Jeff, Mary and Ron.

A Bit of Poetry




Today I realized empowering me means setting boundaries and standing by them
To love me is to take care of me and know that others won’t always agree with me
To be okay with who I am, what I am, and what my life experiences have taught me
I’m worthy, important, and most of all loveable
Some may seek to take that away
A few may deceive me and take pieces of my heart with them
It doesn’t make me any less worthy, lovable and beautiful
Living, loving, and thriving sometimes means we have to be vulnerable
Tenderness may hurt at times, but without it we wither and die
To nourish our soul and being is our greatest challenge
I wrap my arms around myself, hugging tightly
I offer you may hand so we can embrace each other
With dignity, respect and understanding
© Solara Gordon 2017

Under the Darkness of Night

“Merilee, you know humans aren’t safe to toy with.” Crystal stomped her tiny frost covered feet along the branch, drawing her cloak tighter around her. “This lust you’ve got going is big trouble.”

Merilee shook her head and pushed the few remaining leaves aside looking out across the open area near the housing complex adjacent to the woods edge. She’d caught his earlier movements as he fired up the hot tub. How delicious it would be sit in warm water and feel his nude body next to hers. Would his female mate share? Invite her to join them?

“Merilee, did you hear me?’ Crystal flopped down on part of the branch closest to the tree, arranging her cloak around her. Blowing in her hands, she chafed them before tucking them deep within the folds of cloth around her.

“Crystal, how could I not hear you? Your high pitch fussing is enough to ice even Jack Frost’s desire.” Merilee drew her gaze toward the patch of light coming from the window nearest the door she’d last seen him enter.

“You’re going to go through with it. Aren’t you?” Crystal’s whining and plaintiff huffiness weren’t changing anything. Merilee knew what she wanted.

“Yes, I am.” Merilee closed her eyes and let her mind replay her recent encounter with him.

He lay nude on a towel draped across a lawn chair. His legs sprawled open showing his balls and cock off very nicely. His tone arms and chest made her tingle. Very little hair adorned his chest. Not that she minded. His nipples peaked as a chilled breeze moved over them. Next to him lay two open magazines. They bright colors and flashy pictures peaked her interest.

Did she leave the shadows of the shade and chance a few moments of sun to catch a view of what he looked at? She wished she could move about freely in the light, instead of being confined to the twilight and night.

As if Gaea and her consorts heard her plea, clouds covered the sun. Merilee dashed out from her cover and hovered above the paper. She gasped as she moved closer. Pictures of nude men and women engaged in various sexual activities greeted her.

No bigger than a gnat in her minute form, he swatted at her. She dove under the lawn chair, hovering and waiting. Several moments passed before other delicious sensual noises filled the air. She flew high above him and paused.

His hands stroked down and across his cock moving lower toward his balls. One hand fell away, leaving his hard on open to the breezes blowing around and over the yard. Merilee licked her lips wishing she could taste the tantalizing morsel pooling on the tip.

He reached toward one magazine turning page after page as he stroked, working each drop of moisture on and around his beautiful hardness.

A female voice called out. She teased him about his blatant desire, showing off to all who dared to look. He bantered back challenging her to join him.

“Blake, letting your exhibitionist side loose?” Her dark hair fell to her shoulders. Dark brown eyes and strawberry hued lips completed her facial features. Her light tan indicated she spent time with him out doors.

“Teresa, come and join me.” He patted the edge of the chair.

Merilee gasped as her hands found her pebble hard nipples. The two below her kissed and caressed until Teresa mounted Blake riding him to two hard orgasms before he pulled her to him. Their passion caught Merilee off guard as swirls of heat and vocal bliss rolled them, pouring out into the late afternoon air.

A loud crash and laughter broke through her thoughts. Fanning her face, Merilee turned toward the house.

Two scantily clad humans dashed toward the steaming hot tub. She smiled at their whispered tones as they dropped their robes, splashing water over the sides as they slid into the warm water.

Crystal’s soft snores told Merilee her supposed chaperone slept, oblivious to the couple a few feet away.

“Yes, Crystal. I’ve made up my mind.” Merilee positioned herself, ready to join them when the moment presented the opportunity. Until then, she’d watch and wait. Pleasure didn’t have to be hurried. ————————————————————————————————-

Hope the above piece has warmed your first fall cool day or evening. Read a good book with someone you love. Two or three someones you love. The more the merrier I always say. SOLARA

Changes. . .from light to dark…..and somewhere in between

The change is upon us. Time will revert back in a few weeks. How prepared are we for the seasons to come? Up to 80 here today and down to 40’s tonight. Perhaps one last hurrah before the burst of nature’s festival of color begins.

“One last glimpse before I go to bed, please?” Nathan wiggled closer to his mother, pointing at the largest star overhead. “There she is. Tell me about the Lady and her wolf.”

Mary Stardance smiled as her young son tipped back his head, turning left and right. Living in the city, they didn’t get many clear nights. Too many street lights and car headlights to see more than a few here and there. Gazing around the cracking fire, she counted fifteen other participants. Their eyes eagerly watching her as they waited.

“I’m going to tell you a story. One our ancestors handed down by word of mouth. Many versions have come and gone. This is the one my grandmother taught me.”

“The lady wished for a handsome warrior to come courting. Someone to end her loneliness.” Mary wrapped her arm around her daughter sitting on her other side, snuggling her tight against her.

“All the eligible young men in the tribe gathered round her tepee serenading her with flute songs and stories of their bravery. Yet no young brave caught her eye.”

“Why is that Medicine Woman?” A small high pitched voice dared to ask the question many wanted to know the answer too.

“Her mother set her eyes on the stars. Look to the heavens and see your mate there amongst the greatest gift the Maker has given us.” Ohs and ahs cut through the fire’s crackling. Several of the mothers present smiled and nodded.

“One brave from a distant camp rode many days to reach Stargazer’s tribe. Upon his arrival, he asked her father for his bride price. Being his only daughter, Stargazer’s father asked for many trinkets and animal skins to fatten his daughter’s worth.”

“Oh, I know what comes next.” One small pudgy hand shot up, waving. “Can I tell it?”

Mary nodded. “Go on Tasha. What happened next?”

“The father asked for a wolf’s skin to line his moccasins for the coming winter. Little did the father know the brave’s totem was wolf.” Tasha smiled, proud of her part in telling the story.

“Yes, Stalking Wolf’s heart chilled at the thought of hunting and harming his brother and totem. He sought out Stargazer wanting to be sure she understood the error of her father’s request.”

Across the fire, a small boy jumped up. “My turn. I know what goes here. Stalking Wolf asked Stargazer to speak with her father and ask him to change his mind.”

Another youngster stood, calling out. “Stargazer went to her father and pleaded with him to change his request. He vowed no daughter told her father what to do.”

“Correct. So in the still of the night the young couple now deeply in love stole away hoping to reach Stalking Wolf’s camp without issue. Three days into their journey, Stargazer’s father and brothers came upon the young couple making love.”

One young woman, rose moving around the camp fire until she stood near Mary. “The father and brothers rained arrows into the couple’s campsite wanting to frighten them apart. Instead one arrow hit Stargazer piercing her heart.”

“Who will bring the story to a close?” Mary glanced round the circle, looking to see who would finish the tale.

An older woman stood, dusting dirt from her buckskin dress. Beads and feathers adorned portions of it. One child reached out to touch her as she passed. Her mother grabbed her hand pulling it back.

“I finish the tale.” A lone wolf cry sounded. Then another and another. “Stalking Wolf cried out for his animal brothers to come and avenge the wrong done. Before the brothers and father’s eyes, he changed into a wolf. Lunging at them, he snapped and snarled. ”

Murmurs rose and fell. Three sets of golden eyes appeared outside the light of the fire. “Come my love and finish our tale so our children may rest this night.”

A large gray wolf padded into view settling next to the older woman. His form changed and in his place a young brave stood. “Sorrowful I killed my mate’s family. I turned from her ready to run. Instead she called me to her, wanting with her last breath to pledge her eternal love. With my pack mates help, we brought her with us to our camp amongst the stars.”

Hope you enjoyed this tale. Have a great weekend!

Enjoy a good book!


Second Chances

Have you ever wished for a second chance? Wished so hard you missed the opportunity staring you straight in the face. Or didn’t think outside the box? I bet we’re all guilty of it and don’t want to admit it.

One of my favorite musicians talks about you get endless second chances one chance at a time. I’ve learned if we are open to what is happening around us and keep engaged these chances appear. And sometimes reappear.

Red Hot is about second chances at love and life. How often do we long for what has passed us by? Or we fail to see the present or future in front of us because we’re too busy looking behind or down instead up and forward?

I began writing short stories before my late husband’s death in 1997. I took a chance and submitted a few after he passed. Rejections rolled in and I got caught in the bitter pill of not being good enough. The more I talked with friends the more I realized how much I love to write. Writing for me is a release. Out of this I started writing poetry and got published in Fall of 1998. By this time, I’d begun to take chances on reaching out to dating and looking at relationships again. I spent time looking down and behind, until my best friend said you aren’t planning for more than the future based on the past. Talk about a wake up call!

I’m glad I found the balance between planning for the future and enjoying the here and now. Love also found me.

The count down is on till Red Hot’s release on the 17th. You’re invited to the release day party here. While you are waiting for the party to start, take a moment to share your  second chances and how you used them.

Until next time,