Heat Vs. Hunt—the winner is

The heat.  I took a few days to cool off and enjoy the fourth.  Since no one participated in the first half of the hunt, I’m changing tactics for the next two days only.  The hunt ends on Wednesday night at 9PM eastern time.   Players have today and tomorrow to post their answers to the questions already posted here.

Good Luck!


Day 6-Where is everyone?

There is a stanza in a song that goes, “They gave a war and nobody came.”  Gee, with a few changes, it could go “She gave a contest and no one got all the clues yet.”

Come  on Blog Readers I’m pulling for you.  Book Readers, I’m cheering you on too.  Post your answers and take a chance.  You maybe closer than you think.

Today’s question is:

What community event did Brent and the fire station host?

Have a great weekend!