A Bit of Poetry




Today I realized empowering me means setting boundaries and standing by them
To love me is to take care of me and know that others won’t always agree with me
To be okay with who I am, what I am, and what my life experiences have taught me
I’m worthy, important, and most of all loveable
Some may seek to take that away
A few may deceive me and take pieces of my heart with them
It doesn’t make me any less worthy, lovable and beautiful
Living, loving, and thriving sometimes means we have to be vulnerable
Tenderness may hurt at times, but without it we wither and die
To nourish our soul and being is our greatest challenge
I wrap my arms around myself, hugging tightly
I offer you may hand so we can embrace each other
With dignity, respect and understanding
© Solara Gordon 2017

Second Chances

Have you ever wished for a second chance? Wished so hard you missed the opportunity staring you straight in the face. Or didn’t think outside the box? I bet we’re all guilty of it and don’t want to admit it.

One of my favorite musicians talks about you get endless second chances one chance at a time. I’ve learned if we are open to what is happening around us and keep engaged these chances appear. And sometimes reappear.

Red Hot is about second chances at love and life. How often do we long for what has passed us by? Or we fail to see the present or future in front of us because we’re too busy looking behind or down instead up and forward?

I began writing short stories before my late husband’s death in 1997. I took a chance and submitted a few after he passed. Rejections rolled in and I got caught in the bitter pill of not being good enough. The more I talked with friends the more I realized how much I love to write. Writing for me is a release. Out of this I started writing poetry and got published in Fall of 1998. By this time, I’d begun to take chances on reaching out to dating and looking at relationships again. I spent time looking down and behind, until my best friend said you aren’t planning for more than the future based on the past. Talk about a wake up call!

I’m glad I found the balance between planning for the future and enjoying the here and now. Love also found me.

The count down is on till Red Hot’s release on the 17th. You’re invited to the release day party here. While you are waiting for the party to start, take a moment to share your  second chances and how you used them.

Until next time,