Not Another Lonely Valentine’s Day


Maria looked out across the dance floor. Couple swayed as the bluesy ballad continued. Another Valentine’s Day with no date. No male friends offering to accompany her to the Sadie Hawkins Dance or to even dance with her after they’d danced with their wives or girlfriends. Even her best friend Susan hadn’t attended. They usually danced the fast dances together where no one could tell who really partnered with who. Yes another lonely-hearts day for her.

She knew the potential outcome. Signing up to work the dinner rush and then during the dance hours kept her busy. Why tonight was hitting her harder than usual, she couldn’t say. Maria knew the number of Washburn Falls eligible males dwindled with each Sadie Hawkins dance. A couple might find their third or even another couple to form a quad with. She didn’t envy them. She compersively enjoyed seeing others enjoying their joy. Loving more than one was fine by her. Some chose to be monogamous. Most of Washburn Falls’ citizens embraced what pairbondings worked for those that chose them. At the last local LBGTQ chapter meeting, Chad Penndel, Washburn Falls mayor elect, announced same sex pairings were legal in the town’s eyes. She had applauded along with the others in attendance.

Maria picked up the tray full of dishes she’d cleared and made her way back toward the bar and kitchen entrance. The house lights came up and the dance floor emptied. She blinked, standing still until her vision got clearer. That’s when she saw them coming toward her, Chad Penndel and Nick Black. Washburn Falls’ two most sought after bachelors.

Chad reached Maria first. He waited until Nick moved up beside him before he spoke. “Maria, come on and sit down with Nick and I. We want to talk with you.”

“I-I got work to do. Tables to bus.” Maria held up the tray of dishes she carried. “Couples are going to want more drinks. Maybe more food. If I’m not taking orders, I miss out on tips.”

Nick took a hold of the tray. “The other servers can take care of them. What Chad and I want to talk with you about is important. “

“Right,” Chad began, pointing to an empty booth. “You haven’t taken a break yet. Come on. A short break isn’t going to hurt. Besides Chef put some soup aside for you. You need to eat.”

Chad moved forward until he stood by the booth. He watched as Maria glanced from him to Nick and back. She worried her bottom lip between her teeth. He could see each breath she took as her chest rose and fell. Her short breaths, fleeting glances and worrying her lip spoke louder than if she’d voiced her concern. He knew that look. He’d been there himself. Two years earlier when he returned to Washburn Falls, ready to take the first job offered him. Ready to hole up in a small studio apartment and keep to himself. Nick hadn’t let that happen. He’d challenged him to take small steps and TLC himself until he gained the confidence he needed to take on the head bartender job. Nick had taught him concern, care, and yes love. He loved Nick a lot. Some thought they were a couple. Neither of them bothered to correct people’s assumptions. The LGBTQ citizens knew differently. They trusted him to take care of them and embrace the diversity Washburn Falls offered all its citizens. Now if the rest of the damn world would learn how to do that maybe they all could worry less when they ventured outside the valley and mountains that surrounded Washburn Falls.

“We just want to talk with you. Nothing bad,” Nick offered, tugging at the tray Maria held on to tightly.  “Please, let go. I’ll take it into the kitchen and bring back your soup.”

“Seriously?” Maria asked, letting go of the tray.

“Yes,” Nick replied, adding as he turned, “Be right back with the soup.”

“Bring some bread and cheese too. She needs a meal not just a quick snack.” Chad sat down on the seat closest to him.

“A break is one thing. A meal period gets deducted from my work hours.” Maria started after Nick.

Chad stood up, quickly following Maria until he caught up with her. He laid his hand on Maria’s shoulder as he caught up with her. “No deductions. Just sit down with me. I can explain while Nick gets the soup, bread, and cheese.”

He felt Maria’s shoulders rise and fall as she took several quick breaths. She glanced back at the kitchen door Nick had gone through. She sighed and faced him. “Okay, I guess. This better be good Chad.”

Chad pressed his lips together to keep from smiling. What he and Nick had discussed was good. Good for them. Good for Maria. It was presentation that was going to communicate just how good it was going to be for all three of them. Would she believe them?

Dare To Love Again


The saying goes all work and no play makes life dull. Can three business partners mix love, sex and work? Ron Bailey, Mary Bates and Jeff Nickerson are about to find out. Can they grow into three in love? Will uncertainty and moving outside their individual comfort zones stop them from trying?  Buy Now

“True. I appreciate your honesty. It’s one of the reasons we get along well.” Mary made her way across the lobby toward the elevator. As Ron caught up with her, she added, “Thanks for being you.”

“You’re welcome. Anything less would be a lie. I can’t fake me.”

Mary chortled. “I certainly can’t imitate you either. I can’t sing in that deep baritone voice you’ve got.”

Ron grinned at her and stuck out his tongue. Mary pressed her lips together, biting back where her thoughts went. She swallowed and gave Ron a raspberry. “Pfffft.” She grinned and said, “Ah well, someday maybe you’ll sing me to sleep the way you do Tabitha.”

“Ask me to stay over and you might get your own special lullaby,” Ron offered.

Mary ducked her head and walked to the elevator, pushed the button and looked back at Ron. He made a semi-bow and walked up to her. He leaned down and whispered close to her ear. “Might also get you to sing out a pleasing orgasm song, too.”

She licked her lips, glanced at Ron and said, “You gotta wanna first. Then see if your piccolo can reach those high notes.”

Ron snorted as the elevator doors opened. He straightened up, shaking his head. He waited until they were inside to respond to her. “Good comeback, dear. I plan on making you reach those high notes again and again after a few auditions.”

“What auditions?”

“Oh, you didn’t know I adore multiorgasmic women?”

Mary pushed the button for the third floor. She fanned herself as she faced Ron. “This multiorgasmic woman might just wear you out.”

“I do so love a challenge,” Ron quipped as they reached their floor.

Mary rose on her tiptoes, kissed Ron’s cheek and replied. “Thanks for helping me relax. You sure can flirt.”

Ron smiled, winked, and walked out of the elevator humming. As she caught up with him, he stopped part way down the hall and remarked. “Maybe I wasn’t flirting.”

Mary opened her mouth ready to zing another cheeky reply when a door close to them opened and Jeff walked out carrying a bulging trash bag. Jeff smiled, and nodded as he walked past them saying, “Trash receptacle needs to eat, too. Go on in.”

Ron snickered, wet one fingertip, and drew a vertical line in the air. He murmured as they entered Jeff’s condo. “Oh you poor thing. Two men with similar senses of humor.”

Mary gawked at Ron as she entered Jeff’s condo. Similar senses of humor? Huh? What had she missed? “What are you talking about?”

“Inanimate objects treated like they’re alive.” Ron placed the pizzas on the pass-through counter. “Like me and the blender? Or my mulish computer?”

Mary smiled and nodded. “Can so relate. I got a few of those dang things, too.”

Ron chuckled. “One item we all have in common.”

“What’s that?” Jeff asked, closing the door behind him.

“Quirky sense of humor,” Mary added.

Jeff grinned at her and faced Ron. “Is that what you were going to say?”

“Yes,” Ron said walking over to her. He reached for the bags she held as he continued speaking. “I think there’s another thing we all have in common.”

Mary looked at Jeff. He shrugged and shook his head. She handed Ron the bags. “Okay, what is it?”

“We care for each other and we’re friends.” Ron set the bags on the counter next to the pizzas.

“I agree,” Jeff said, walking into the kitchen. “Nice to have things to build upon.”

“Build upon?” Mary asked, following him into the kitchen.

“Yes. Did a bit of research before I fell asleep.” Jeff crossed the kitchen to the refrigerator and turned. “Seems multipartnered relationships often have a common ground to build upon.”

“Whoa,” Ron said. He leaned against the doorframe, his arms at his sides. Jeff glanced at Ron’s hands. They appeared opened and relaxed. Good, starting a fistfight wasn’t what he had in mind. Food and discussion was as far as he got in possibilities for evening.

Ron stepped into the kitchen. “There’s a lot of research out there. Some of its based on factual findings. Some on conjecture. Be careful what you believe.”

“Good point,” Jeff replied. “I remember Mrs. Markham’s literature class and the citations we had to come up with.”

“Lord,” Ron groaned. “That woman would hound you on authenticating your findings four times over.”

“Mrs. Markham?” Mary asked opening and closing cabinets.

“Yes, junior year American lit class. What you looking for?” Jeff inquired.

“Glasses. Makes putting ice and soda together easier, you know.”

“My bad. I haven’t unpacked them yet.” He walked over to the box setting closest to the sink and back wall of cabinets, torn the box open and sat three glasses in the sink.

“Did you order everything and have it delivered?” Mary asked, squirting dish detergent on to the sponge in the sink.

“No. Movers packed up my old place and put stuff into storage about four months ago. Mia oversaw that for me. She called the people who helped her and Stan move.” Jeff rinsed and dried each glass.

“I’m hungry. Let’s get food on the table and we can talk more then, okay?” Ron was at the stove with the oven open. “It’ll take about five minutes to warm up the pizzas.”

“I’ll take care of the salad,” Mary said, taking the bowl Jeff held out to her.

“I’ll set the table.” Jeff started back across the kitchen toward the pile of boxes he’d gotten the glasses out of.

“One of the bags has plates, napkins, and utensils in it. Why not use them?” Ron asked, placing one of the pizzas in the oven.

Jeff emptied the bags on the table, laid out plates, napkins, and packaged utensils. “Oh, double chocolate brownie. Thanks, dude. Haven’t had one in a while.”

Enjoying Writing

Almost 8K in on newest story line: Book Two of Pacific Cay Trilogy-Working title for Menage/Polyamory love story Dare to Love Again. M/F/M

I love when characters come alive and the words start flowing. These three are connecting and telling me their story.

Here’s to 40k and an awesome story for Jeff, Mary and Ron.


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Who Doesn’t Like Free Books?

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Tina Davidson can’t avoid being set up with a date for her best friend’s costume-themed wedding shower. When two dates dressed as pirates show up claiming to be her date for the evening, Tina begins wondering what buried treasures she may uncover before the night’s over.

Jon Smithson and Drake Cranston are ready to act on their shared attraction. Jon and Drake have failed at a shared relationship before. They’re ready to try again, this time with Tina.

Tina’s had her share of failed affairs too. Is she ready to put her bad relationships behind her and give love another chance? Brought together by their friends’ wedding turned elopement, the three find their mutual desire growing. Acting upon their desire and attraction is going to do more than heat things up. Can two hunks, one lady, plus nights of passionate lovemaking create a lifelong future together?

A Siren Erotic Romance

As part of my participation in the blog hop Serena Shay at got me joined on here are my questions:

1) What am I working on?

A new twist on an age old fairy tale.  Enjoying jazzing things up and seeing where the journey takes me.  Also working on a more menage stories.
2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I write from experience and information I gather talking to others such as myself who live the polyamory lifestyle.
3) Why do I write what I do?

I enjoy different unique stories and sex with my romance as well as romance with my sex.  I enjoy penning paranormal romances too.
4) How does your writing process work?

I start with a what if question.  Maybe a tidbit of overheard conversation.  Many things can set your imagination off if you let go and see where it takes you.

The next person up is my fellow Siren author Marla Monroe.  She’ll post March 31st for your reading pleasure.  Her blog is found at

Other information about her is as follows:

Marla Monroe is published with Siren 2011, with over 60 books available covering sizzling-hot contemporary cowboys, emotionally charged BDSM, and dangerously addictive shifters to science fiction ménages with the occasional badass biker thrown in for good measure.

You can visit her website at

Her blog:

Twitter: @MarlaMonroe.1


Thanks for stopping by.  If you leave your email and a comment on why you enjoy reading erotic romance, one person will win a copy of Hot for Torrey, book one in the Cascade Bay series.  Another person will win an arc of Tina’s Treausres as soon as I have them available.

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Solara Gordon

Love’s Synergistic Ways

Octavia looked at the snow globe center of her dressing table.  Roses of varying shades filled the water and artificial snow interior.  The roses retained their beauty for her to enjoy again and again.  She remembered the time the bouquets arrived shortly after Tomas joined their household.  Tongson’s jealousy and possessiveness almost broke the trio apart.  Tomas admitted to feeling similar pangs and quirks during a yelling match between the two of them.  

Octavia smiled as she reached for the globe admiring how the sunbeam shining through the frosted window pane illuminated the tricolored rose center of the display.  Three distinct colors each brilliantly standing out at the edges of the petal, muted as they flowed toward the center of the rose blended together in a mixed new shade.  The shade showed tinges and parts of the other colors creating a whole that brought out the discrete qualities of each part of the whole. One word came to mind, synergy.  The sum is greater than the individual parts.

“Admiring or remembering, love?” Tomas’s voice purred over her shoulder warming her ear.   He nipped the bare flesh between her neck and where the strap of her night gown lay. 
“Maybe both, you feline,” Tongson murmured, moving up on her other side.  His warm hand slid up her arm stopping at her shoulder.

Octavia smiled as she viewed the uniquely different men’s reflections in the mirror.   There was no mistaking the love their eyes glowed.  Glancing higher, she noted they stood shoulder to shoulder, touching without avarice or jealousy.  Each knew the value they brought to the triad.  When she remarked on either male’s similarities to the other in emotion or action, they teased or fussed sometimes.  Most of the time, they smiled and nodded agreeing that even though they were different in their animalistic natures, their human side embraced the difference and learned how similar they were in many ways.  Love did that to people who took the time to learn, embrace change, and see things from a perspective diverse from their own.

“I’m seeing the new and change amongst us while remembering.” Octavia picked up the snow globe, saluting Tongson and Tomas individually. 

“Good times and hard ones influence each of us,” Tongson offered kissing her cheek.  He glanced up catching Tomas’s nod.

“Yes, my friend and co-husband,” Tomas replied, kissing Octavia’s other cheek.  “I learned how to fit in and to share.  To embrace my uniqueness and let go of fear while finding out how to trust.”

Tongson smiled.  He winked at the three of them as he spoke.  “I had to overcome my own doubts and worries.  I needed to let love guide me instead of listening to my mind.  Letting my heart speak and address the issues that plagued me most took a lot of work and time.”

“How would you rate the effort?” Octavia asked rubbing her cheek against Tongson’s hand.

“Worth the journey and education,” Tongson replied, raising his hand to cup her face.  “And you my co-part?”  Tongson nodded to Tomas.

“Hard work is often worth the effort.  I took the path of resistance until I realized that letting love in was easier than I thought.  I stopped resisting and started loving.” Tomas raised his hand above Octavia’s head, palm up moving it toward Tongson.  “Loving showed me a way I didn’t know existed.”

Tongson raised his free hand up, grasping Tomas’s over Octavia’s head.  Each nodded as the trio quietly sat taking in the moment and the love surrounding them.  Octavia’s  smile grew as Tomas and Tongson brought their faces down next to hers so the three appeared surrounded by the halo the setting sun reflected into the mirror.

Love’s synergy brought them together.  Mixed, enhanced, and even changed them while bringing them closer and more fully in love.  That love multiplied and embraced Mickey and Nighthawk.  A trio became a quintet and a family strong and firmly bonded.  Love’s catalyst and addition brought them to a place they might not have gotten to without it.




Happy Weekend Gang!

I hope you’re warm indoors reading a good book or two.  I know we have had our share of cold and weather here at the Spice Homestead.  Colds and doctor visits have headlined this past week.  We’re on the mend and with the TLC flowing I’m sure we will be fine.

As the middle of winter battles with the fine edges of spring waiting and watching for the time grab hold, share a good book or two with your loves and spice.  I know I will!




Two Steppin” With My Loves



Travis Stone jerked the steering wheel of his battered and beat up pickup truck skimmer around the one pothole at the end of his driveway that refused to stay filled.  He swore the hole ate dirt as fast as he could shovel it into the crater.  One more week and the hole was history if his luck held out.

Travis reached down and clicked on the radio.  Country western music filled the cab.  He rolled down the windows and turned up the volume.  Taking the back roads into town afforded him the leisure of singing off key as loud as he wanted.  He smiled at the image his thoughts formed.  His high school choir director frowned and shook her finger at him every time he deliberately soured a note or two.  Mrs. Baxter was probably spinning in her grave.   Travis didn’t care.  He sang for fun, not for anyone’s pleasure but his own.

He glanced at the dashboard clock.  He had forty-five minutes until he reached the edge of town and civilization.  Tabasco Flats, New Texas preferred to keep the decorum of vintage country and southwestern lifestyle alive to the public eye.  Since the Revolution divided New America into five new countries, trade agreements and laws were under negotiation in many regions as new states and governments formed.    That was ten light years ago and another planet.  Even earth’s distance memories paled in comparison to the news.  The docking station master would need help as the mail order mates disembarked from their ship.  Travis’s smile grew as he pushed the skimmer’s motor into hyper-drive.    His bride and co-husband awaited him. 


Aleisha Jones swallowed hard as her lottery mate Daniel Zane braided her hair.  Washing and combing the long strands was bothersome and one thing she wished she didn’t have to deal with.  Her contract said her purchaser liked long hair and wanted his bride to wear it braided.  Maybe she could sweet talk him into letting her cut her waist length hair off at her shoulders. 

Daniel knew how many times he had to criss-cross the strands of hair he held in each hand until Aleisha’s braid finished short of her hips.  He’d come to love her in a way he hadn’t expected to feel again after his wife’s death.  Time healed wounds.  Light years made no dent in his ache and lingering sorrow.  Both of them agreed that a life worth living came from understanding that joy and grief balanced each other out.  Daniel still wasn’t sure when his heart thawed towards her or vice versa.  Now he had to share her with someone they barely knew from short communications and two grainy photos.  Things were about to get more challenging.





Happy Weekend Gang!


Well the serial started.  A bit of scifi and menage tossed together.  Let’s see what this brings about.  I’m feeling good as the weather pings around.  Hope you are staying well and sharing a good book or two with your loves and spice.  I’m writing away on a novel entitled Tina’s Treasure and its turning out to be one hot menage! 

Until next week, stay cool and dry, happy, healthy, and safe. 









Cason Awakens

Cason groaned and tried to open one eye. His stomach rushed up to meet his throat. Inhaling sharply, he lay his head on his forearm. What the hell had hit him? Why did he feel like he’d tied on a 3 day drinking binge with his frat brothers? Fuck, the last time he’d been stupid enough to do that he’d woken up to find Nitchell hovering over him. Had the little bastard slipped him – – –

Images slammed through Cason’s mind. Vivid underwater scenery and glimpses of far off mountains faded as he drew in a deep breath and slowly exhaled. His stomach sank back to its normal position, close to his navel. Raising his head with care and caution, Cason opened one eye. He counted the pairs of feet near him. At least five people stood nearby. Shit, what had Nitchell done now to draw attention to them?

“I think he’s coming round.” Nitchell’s fake cockney accent rankled Cason every time he heard it. Having a sea sprite for a guardian angel didn’t make life any easier, nor did wondering what else the gods might decide to throw at him. When had he pissed them off so thoroughly?

“Nitchell, lower your voice,” a female scolded. Cason’s eyes roved up the pair of feminine legs closest to him. They stopped at her red haired thatch. Another darker colored one stood next to her. When had Sandra taken up with women? Did Nemos know?

“Yes, I know every purr she makes, my friend.” Cason’s gaze inched left. A hand waved before him. His eyes clapped shut as he groaned.

“Nemos, move before I throw up.” Cason no more than spat out his last words and his stomach spewed up his throat. Several gut retching minutes later, two sets of hands helped Cason roll over.

“Take it easy.” A softer unknown feminine voice offered. “Jaxson has gone to the house to get you some water and a clean shirt.”

Cason shielded his eyes as he tried opening them again. Next to Sandra, another nude female stood. Nemos squatted near him, sniffing the air. “Do I smell that foul?”

Nemos smiled. “No, keeping an eye on the beach and those that approach. Two yards in either direction are groups that could move toward us. Right now they are interested in the waves and surf more than a group of people standing around.”

“If he can stand, we need to move back up behind our privacy fence. The life guards are coming on duty soon.” A tall black haired male stepped around Sandra and her companion. “I’m Jaxson and this is my mate Tessa.” He pointed to the lithe blonde next to Sandra.

“I’m Cason.” He tried to sit up. His vision blurred and his stomach lurched. “Can someone halt the train trying to run over me again?” Cason grabbed his head and swayed upright.

“Easy said than done mate,” Nitchell quipped. Cason squinted at him.

“Nitchell what the hell did you do to—“A female groan drowned out Cason’s next words.

All turned to face the lone woman still prone next to them. Her ash blonde locks hid her face. Her nude body left little to the imagination as she turned on her side.

“Who is she?” Cason staggered to his feet. Easing his way away from her, he wondered why he felt an over whelming need to protect her.


Have a great weekend all! I’m spending it with my loves and their loves.


Nitchell’s Plan



Nitchell wiped his sweaty palms down his loincloth.  Since coming ashore six months earlier, he’d learned to fain human modesty.  Cason insisted on covering himself regardless of who was present.  Nitchell smiled as images from the first time he’d caught Cason nude in bed jacking off flashed through his mind.

“Hmmm,” Nitchell twilled aloud.  “Cason has a thing for nudes and scantily clad women.  Wonder if I can ping his horny id and get him to make a move on the merwoman.”  A clap of thunder pounded the air and a bolt of lightning jagged deep into the sand not too far from where Cason and the mermaid lay.

Nitchell jumped, startled, and rolled his eyes toward the clouds hanging close.  “Okay, I get the point.  Just trying to get them together and his protective side fired up.”

Glancing back at Cason and his female interest, Nitchell saw the two wolves sitting on their haunches watching him as they sniffed the air.  Maybe—just maybe—Nitchell’s smile grew.  Oh, yes things were looking up.

“Nemos,” Nitchell called, motioning the male wolf closest to him forward.  “I need you to morph.  Your companion too.”

Two nude humans stood next to Cason and the mermaid.  Nitchell shook his head.  Clothes!  Shit, he’d forgotten shape shifters didn’t magically make clothing appear when they shifted.   Nudity was clothing to them.  Gacks!  How did that spell go?

“Covering of delight find a way to ease their embarrassment,” he began, waving his hands in several directions until Nemos grabbed his arm.

“Nitchell,” Nemos growled.  “We’re not embarrassed.  So I don’t believe the spell will work.  However if you need us to dress, Sandra can snitch clothes from that laundry line.  Of course, the folks there know us.  I’m sure they won’t mind.”

Nemos’s companion stretched as she rose to her feet.  Her plump breasts flowed up and down her chest as she reached toward the heavens and lowered her arms.  Her fire red hair matched that covering the V between her legs.  Nitchell gulped and tried to image ice covered mountains and snow.  His crotch and groin heated up more than he could cool down.  Sandra’s lean lithe build turned Nitchell on in ways his imagination refused to let loose of.  As she turned to walk away, she winked at him and puckered an air born kiss at Nemos.

“Hot stuff, eh my friend.”  Nemos’s throaty laugh broke through Nitchell’s eye-humping stare.  Nemos grinned as Nitchell reddened.  “She knows what she does to you.  You might give in and take her up on the offer.  I know she’ll leave you verrrrry satisfied.”

Nitchell’s red hue grew brighter.  Nemos bit his lip to keep from laughing.  Noting Nitchell’s wings fluttered faster each time Sandra bent over as she retrieved items from the human standing near her and placed them in the bag at her, Nemos sniffed.  Hot wet feminine scents filled his nose and warmed his palate.  Yes, Nitchell would be well satisfied if he’d give in and accept Sandra’s open invitation.  Sharing her with a mutual friend was an entertaining option.  Too bad Nitchell didn’t get that he could be sexual and still be the guardian he was supposed to be.

Nemos looked up.  Nitchell’s cough and sputter drew his attention.  Next to Sandra, a human female approached, nude like Sandra.  Nemos moved forward.  His pack had taken a few humans in.  This one had agreed with her human spouse to mate with him and Sandra.  Soon she would begin to show her pregnancy.  His child lay beneath her heart as her mate’s child lay tucked beneath Sandra’s heart.  Life was good.  Now if Nitchell would explain his new charge and Cason’s involvement.  Things might get even better.

A loud groan filled the air.  Sandra and the female stopped near Nitchell.  Cason’s head began to rise.  Nemos dropped to his knees near him.  How badly scattered were his thoughts?  Nemos knew the mermaid’s siren song had affected Cason.  Her death chant had called too many.

“Nitchell,” Sandra whispered as she closed the distance between them.  “What is your plan?”

“Plan?”  Nitchell coughed and sputtered more.  “Uhmm, get them together where I can keep an eye on em.  Yep, that’s right.”  He flapped his wings and tried to fly away the closer she got.

“Get them together how?”  Sandra leaned very close almost nose to nose with Nitchell.  She’d kiss him except she wasn’t sure how he’d take it.  Sea sprites could be lusty and take a while to sate once sex started.  Right now wasn’t optimum to her plan.  Or could she turn Nitchell’s plan into a mutual one where everyone glowed with satisfaction?