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Happy weekend everyone!. You’ve had time to drool over the cover and blurb. Jet Lag Blues released June 22nd.  Stop by and read an excerpt.

On another note, I got reviewed by RT Bookreviews magazine. Also known as Romantic Times.
I made print copy along with a review on their website. See below:

by Solara Gordon

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, Erotic Romance

RT Rating

There is plenty of heat and sexual tension between Brent and Bunny to keep the pages turning. However, some of the plot elements slow the pace of the story and make it feel long. Endearing characters and the burgeoning relationship make it a worthwhile and entertaining read.

Bunny Kater has a thing for men in uniform, especially firefighters. She can’t seem to quell her attraction to Fire Chief Brent Stephens. However, she has sworn off men and relationships for the time being; her sex toys are a lot less complicated.

Brent has been watching Bunny for a long time and fortuitous circumstances have put him very close to her. Soon, their attraction cannot be denied and a tentative relationship ensues. Can Brent break the walls surrounding this commitment-shy woman to give their relationship a chance? (SIREN, Sep. ‘10, 178 pp., $13.50)

Reviewed By: Keitha Hart

Publisher: SIREN

Published: September 2010

To say I am proud and walking on air is to put it mildly. . .okay it is exactly what I’m feeling!
So stop by the interview and contest or if you’ve read RED HOT and would like to leave your review at RT go ahead.

Keep safe and dry with the crazy weather we’re having!


New Cover and Release Blurb!!

I love cover art and the images artist come up with for covers. This is my latest release due out next month. What I love most is the realistic aspect of the picture. The sensual playfulness and erotic nature is caught in the shot very well. Jinger Heaston’s cover at is fantastic. She’s done both of my covers now. I hope to have her on future releases too.

This has been a long week work wise for me. Too often not enough sleep or hours to accomplish what is needed. I’m in the middle of revisions and edits so my muse is caught up in tweaking the story line and roughing out the edges for the juicy read you’ve been waiting for.

Here is a blurb tid bit for you:

Who better to get snowed in with than your friends? That’s what Val Swarter thinks until she finds herself sharing a king-size bed with her boyfriend Darryl Swanson and his best friend Mason Cox. Val’s desired both Mason and Darryl for sometime and she knows the two men have shared threesomes before. None of them wants to jeopardize their friendship, but when desire turns into a frank discussion and love is revealed, they’re going to have to decide how to become three in love, a cohesive family triad.

Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy the cover art! Enjoy letting your imagination conger up a story to go with the cover and blurb.



Under the Darkness of Night

“Merilee, you know humans aren’t safe to toy with.” Crystal stomped her tiny frost covered feet along the branch, drawing her cloak tighter around her. “This lust you’ve got going is big trouble.”

Merilee shook her head and pushed the few remaining leaves aside looking out across the open area near the housing complex adjacent to the woods edge. She’d caught his earlier movements as he fired up the hot tub. How delicious it would be sit in warm water and feel his nude body next to hers. Would his female mate share? Invite her to join them?

“Merilee, did you hear me?’ Crystal flopped down on part of the branch closest to the tree, arranging her cloak around her. Blowing in her hands, she chafed them before tucking them deep within the folds of cloth around her.

“Crystal, how could I not hear you? Your high pitch fussing is enough to ice even Jack Frost’s desire.” Merilee drew her gaze toward the patch of light coming from the window nearest the door she’d last seen him enter.

“You’re going to go through with it. Aren’t you?” Crystal’s whining and plaintiff huffiness weren’t changing anything. Merilee knew what she wanted.

“Yes, I am.” Merilee closed her eyes and let her mind replay her recent encounter with him.

He lay nude on a towel draped across a lawn chair. His legs sprawled open showing his balls and cock off very nicely. His tone arms and chest made her tingle. Very little hair adorned his chest. Not that she minded. His nipples peaked as a chilled breeze moved over them. Next to him lay two open magazines. They bright colors and flashy pictures peaked her interest.

Did she leave the shadows of the shade and chance a few moments of sun to catch a view of what he looked at? She wished she could move about freely in the light, instead of being confined to the twilight and night.

As if Gaea and her consorts heard her plea, clouds covered the sun. Merilee dashed out from her cover and hovered above the paper. She gasped as she moved closer. Pictures of nude men and women engaged in various sexual activities greeted her.

No bigger than a gnat in her minute form, he swatted at her. She dove under the lawn chair, hovering and waiting. Several moments passed before other delicious sensual noises filled the air. She flew high above him and paused.

His hands stroked down and across his cock moving lower toward his balls. One hand fell away, leaving his hard on open to the breezes blowing around and over the yard. Merilee licked her lips wishing she could taste the tantalizing morsel pooling on the tip.

He reached toward one magazine turning page after page as he stroked, working each drop of moisture on and around his beautiful hardness.

A female voice called out. She teased him about his blatant desire, showing off to all who dared to look. He bantered back challenging her to join him.

“Blake, letting your exhibitionist side loose?” Her dark hair fell to her shoulders. Dark brown eyes and strawberry hued lips completed her facial features. Her light tan indicated she spent time with him out doors.

“Teresa, come and join me.” He patted the edge of the chair.

Merilee gasped as her hands found her pebble hard nipples. The two below her kissed and caressed until Teresa mounted Blake riding him to two hard orgasms before he pulled her to him. Their passion caught Merilee off guard as swirls of heat and vocal bliss rolled them, pouring out into the late afternoon air.

A loud crash and laughter broke through her thoughts. Fanning her face, Merilee turned toward the house.

Two scantily clad humans dashed toward the steaming hot tub. She smiled at their whispered tones as they dropped their robes, splashing water over the sides as they slid into the warm water.

Crystal’s soft snores told Merilee her supposed chaperone slept, oblivious to the couple a few feet away.

“Yes, Crystal. I’ve made up my mind.” Merilee positioned herself, ready to join them when the moment presented the opportunity. Until then, she’d watch and wait. Pleasure didn’t have to be hurried. ————————————————————————————————-

Hope the above piece has warmed your first fall cool day or evening. Read a good book with someone you love. Two or three someones you love. The more the merrier I always say. SOLARA

Busy Week

Why is it that vacation seems short and the work week seems to drag on?  Maybe is it because one keeps you busy no matter what and the other has to be busy to get everything you’ve got planned done.  Either way, this last week was a catch up week at work after being on vacation for a week.

I’m working on edits and revisions for a new story entitled Jet Lag Blues.  It is a menage based on polyamory.  Enjoy the excerpt posted below.


Darryl reached down and adjusted the crotch of his shorts.  Damn, he thought he’d taken the edge off his desire.  One moan from Val and his cock throbbed tight against his shorts.

“Oh, yes.  That is so go—ooo—od!”

Val’s vocal punched him in the gut.  What the hell was Mason doing?  They hadn’t discussed tactics beyond a foot massage and helping with dinner.  He started through the doorway.

Two words echoed in his conscience—foot massage.  He halted, his mouth open, ready to speak.  Should he peer around the wall and confirm what was happening?  Announce his entrance?

What if they were doing something else?  How should he handle it?  He didn’t mind, but at least being informed would be nice.

Clearing his throat, he stuck his head around the wall and grinned.

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