Winter Heats Up Poly Style

Tongson paused, leaning against the snow shovel he’d been using to clear a path from the patio to the hot tub shed.  Neither he nor Tavia knew when Tomas would return.  Or if he would.  The covert war in Talbot’s Peak was heating up.

Too many days and nights cooped up in the house with colicky triplets wore on everyone’s nerves.  Even Mickey and Night Hawk took turns walking the floor with any of the infants needing care.  Enough for everyone to edge up to their own point of boiling.  Time to create space for release.  He smiled as another snowball whizzed by him.  The neighborhood children loved Night Hawk’s boyish exuberance and his ability to get on their level and play.  One snow-tossing contest after another had ensued in the last week.  Warm giggles and laughter rounded the side of the house where Night Hawk hid apparently discovered.

“Hey not down my back.  Ooh, that’s cold.  You got me.”  His warm laugh and calls back at the retreating backs of the youth made Mickey grin.

“I wondered why the Spirits chose Night Hawk for me.  Now I begin to understand.  We work together in ways that we aren’t even aware of.  There is balance and mixing that is essential to us.”  Mickey turned at the steps sounding behind her.  Tavia carried two of her triplets in each arm.  “Here let me take one.”

Tavia slipped her daughter into her arms.  Mickey smiled at the wide blue eyes staring up at her.  At 6 months old, each of the triplets was starting to show their distinct personalities.  Stargazer cooed and smiled with ease unlike her brother Morning Sun with his blonde locks and dark brown eyes.  He seemed to wear a frown no matter what.  Tongson and Tomas called it his thinker’s look and cover.  Nicholas, named for Tomas’s late father, loved to cuddle and smile.  His black eyes followed his mothers and fathers wherever they moved within his sight.

“Our elders can see much from the spirit world that we in our now can’t.  They are out of the flux of time that affects our corporeal state.  I know you understand and yet don’t.  Think of the astral projection I’ve been teaching you.”  Tavia’s hand ran up and down Sun’s back soothing him.  Mickey knew he refused to burp after eating as though he wanted to hang on to everything inside him, good or bad.

“I’ve begun to see how linear time does not affect shifters as it does humans.  Many of my human friends understand their mortal nature.  They admit envy from time to time.  Those closest to me have no jealousy other than wishing they had a family unit as tight as ours.”  Mickey raised Stargazer to her shoulder and began patting her small back.

Soon two loud burps filled the room with two smaller ones as well.  Tavia turned around and gazed lovingly at Tongson.  His long black braid flipped over one shoulder.  Several strands of hair escaped the tight weave.  Patches of snow clung to his hair.  The flakes twinkled and disappeared as the warmth of the room found them.  Her smiled deepened as she watch Mickey and Night Hawk.  Their eyes met with the same warmth and care as Tongson’s and hers.  The young couple fit in well with their family.

“The path is made and the tub heating.  Alicia from the village will watch the children if we want her too.  Though I suspect we will take them to the shed with us.  I readied an area to place their carriers within so they are near and safe while we relax and soak.  Tonight maybe the night, yes?”  Tongson removed his heavy jacket and flung it over a nearby chair.

Mickey blushed as she glanced toward him.  Night Hawk appeared pensive.  Expanding their bond to include sexual intimacy amongst the four of them had entered their latest discussions.  Before he’d left, Tomas had spent a night with Mickey and Night Hawk awakening Mickey’s sensual side and enjoyment of two lovers at once.  Tomas had left grinning after a night starting out alone with Tavia though ending up with them crawling into bed with Tongson swearing they missed him.  The mangy feline had snuggled between them asking for hugs.  At least he hadn’t tried to kiss him.  Tongson smiled and winked as Mickey’s face reddened.  What had Night Hawk whispered in her ear?

“Whatever he claimed I know nothing about.”  Tongson shrugged and held his hands up in the air.

“I just told her that a repeat of our night with Tomas might happen though quite a few differences would be happening.”  Night Hawk grinned and folded his arms across his chest.

Tavia shook her head and moved toward Tongson.  “You naughty Spirit Bear.  Teasing Mickey so.”

“Who me?  As if I was the one who blurted out at dinner last week that you found Mickey attractive and wouldn’t mind sharing her with me.  Now Night Hawk, no offense but this bear has no sights on you as a conquest.”

Night Hawk smirked.  “None taken.  With these two delightful ladies to pleasure and please along with watching them together…..well – – -“

“Just remember spectators might not be invited to participate,” Mickey hastily added, waving her hand at Night Hawk.

Tongson slide his arm around Tavia.  “Let’s see where the night takes us.”  Two cries interrupted any further banter.

“We might not even get beyond coupling with our four opinionated viewers.”  Mickey nodded.  Four babies could keep them busy with different needs and wants if they refused to sleep.   The night’s outcome was up for grabs for sure.

New Series in the Works

Pardon the guy with the cigarette. My hero in the first book of a two book series I am working on doesn’t smoke. Troy Adams is one sexy shape shifter in police uniform in Calder’s Grove. His next door neighbor Nancy Stewart is keeping her lust below radar level until she ends up in Troy’s care broken ankle and crutches not withstanding. She has her own secrets she’s keeping hid, a few furry relatives are in route to visit with her human mother who knows nothing about the family’s well kept secret. Book One’s working title is Nancy and the Werewolf.

Book Two brings Chaz Maxxon, Troy’s best friend and Calder’s Grove’s top auto mechanic into contact with Nancy’s Tante Nata, short for Auntie Naughty as the family calls her. Nita Carmichael needs a male who won’t flinch at her kinky and lusty desires. Chaz has a few ideas of his own since his break up with his girlfriend. Can a demi-shape shifter and a full blooded one find happiness without breaking the other’s will?

Enjoy the excerpt below from Nancy and the Werewolf, book one of Werewolf Kisses:

“Troy, what are you doing here?’ Nancy smiled as she spotted her neighbor sitting at the end of the bar as she exited the kitchen. Her voice carried through the now quiet establishment.

Troy looked delicious in his police uniform. Tight pants that cupped his pert ass and showed off his long lean legs along with his long fingers had her wishing she’d been the one to see him running nude as a few of the Cribbage bunch swore they’d seen the last full moon. She knew what those legs looked like in shorts, running shorts that left little to a woman’s fertile imagination. His sweat soaked t-shirt had hung to him like a second skin outlining his pecs and washboard abs. If she didn’t get her mind out of his pants, well- – -fanning herself wasn’t an option. Troy’s smile lit up his face all the way to his eyes. They twinkled like the white lights on a Christmas tree or two stars in the dark sky. Their golden brown irises glowed when he laughed. God, having the hots for her neighbor was going to get her in trouble. And not in a good way. Last thing she needed was more embarrassment.

“Franny, my cousin, called me. You know her as Francine or Thumbs as her pack mates call her.” He flashed a thumbs up, his smile widening. “Chaz has your car down at the shop already. He towed it about an hour ago. Franny said I had to see you home. Only Calder’s Grove finest would do.”

Nancy swallowed hard. She’d asked the women to not match make. Why was Thumbs doing this? “Thanks I can call a cab. No need for you to take time from your patrol for me.”


Troy sat his coffee cup on the bar. Nancy’s fidgeting with her apron ties as it lay on the bar told him more than if she’d looked him in the eye. All five-foot-three of her gave off heat laced with pheromones that screamed fertility. Eager and ready to jump his bones if he was willing. Oh, and he was ever so willing. The one time he’d dropped hints at taking her out, Nancy had put him off faster than a she wolf in heat could run leading a group of horny males on a merry chase. Since then Troy had watched and waited, knowing that Nancy accepted folks without prejudice. Brant’s remark on how she’d acclimated to waiting on shifters and their raw meat needs indicated her ease with things that weren’t her experienced norm. That triggered more than a passing interest in Nancy. Getting her to treat him more than a friendly neighbor was another thing.

Dante’s Side Business





Macy looked at the labels on the boxes Kazim set inside Dante’s office door.  The word sex stood out in bold letters all over the portion of the label she could see.  The whispers Kazim and his friend Frank exchanged had Macy wondering if she dare ask what was going on.

Dante’s agreement to let her work under the table as head cashier and bookkeeper got her into sections of the interspecies pleasure palace most would not know existed.  Kitty’s off and on appearances were nothing short of miraculous.  Macy knew from the moment she’d seen Kitty morph that Macy would help her any way she could.  Love didn’t come easy and the heavens knew folks deserved a bit of happiness where they could find it.  So now, this new business venture had Macy and Kitty talking whenever they could.

Macy pulled her cell phone from her purse.  She thumbed through her contacts until she found Kitty’s number.  Hitting speed dial, Macy wondered if Kitty knew more or would share what she knew.

“Hi Macy,” Kitty’s breathless voice answered.  Macy smiled.  Kitty probably had her purse buried half way across the shop and hadn’t thought about someone calling her.

“Did I call at a bad time?”  Macy wanted to add that Kitty could take her time answering.  If the shop was full of patrons, Kitty would need to respond and be brief.

Kitty’s warm laughter followed.  “No just my usual focus on one thing.  I forgot to put my phone in my pocket.”

“Has Dan- – -”   Kitty’s next words cut Macy off.

“That name is never to be mentioned on an open line.  Got it?”  Macy blinked and held her phone away from her ear.  The shrill command and pitch in Kitty’s voice cut through Macy like a hot knife creaming through chilled rock hard butter.

Licking her lips, Macy nodded and cleared her throat.  “Did you hear me?”  Kitty’s tone had softened.

“Yes, I did.  I got the message loud and clear.”  Macy winced at her own tone.  Kitty’s friendship meant a lot to her.  Many of Kazim’s shifter friends snubbed Macy or spoke down to her as though being human made her less than desirable.  Kazim’s apologies and attempts at explanations didn’t stop the quick pangs of pain and sorrow.  Sorrow for those who lost a chance at true friendship and acceptance from parts of the human community that didn’t mind living amongst those differed from them.  Still the same could be said about humans too.

“I’m sorry I yelled.  For both of our safety the less you mention or talk about him the better off you are.  Kazim’s reputation is in the shadows.  He needs to stay there.”  Kitty’s hushed words sent shivers up and down Macy’s back.

“I understand.  I guess you don’t know about the boxes.”  Macy waited, glancing around the office.  Twenty to thirty boxes circled her desk.  As she looked at the letters and stick figures adorning one box, she gasped.

“Macy, are you okay?’  Kitty’s question pulled Macy back from blurting out her thoughts.

“Oh yes, I’m fine.  Listen I hear someone coming.  I’ll stop by later to talk in person.  Bye.”  Macy ended her call and quickly stuffed her phone in her pants pocket.

Kazim’s and Dante’s voices carried down the hall.

“I can’t believe what a hit these toy parties are.  I knew shifters were sexy and positive on getting it on.  But rubber toys and sex ones?”  Kazim’s laugh warmed Macy’s cheeks.  His love of pleasure and pleasing her continued to make her squirm each time she remembered one of their love making episodes.

“Oh hell yes.  It’s like the rubber bone humans give their dogs or the squeaker toys.  Except with shifters, they start out human and end up letting their animal side take over.  Remember last Saturday night?”  Kazim’s next words echoed through the hall adding to the red hue Macy was sure warmed her cheeks and neck.

“Which part?  When the she wolf got pissed off at the drunk male who wouldn’t take no for an answer and she double knotted the elastic straps of the strap on cock on his head after she tripped him?  Talk about embarrassment.  Running around with a neon glowing purple cock pointing off your head sure shit ain’t dignified.”

Dante’s snicker preceded his reply.  “Yes, that was good.  No, my favorite was when the two got into the tug of war over the glow in the dark cock ring.  Three tugs later and did they glow from using it.  Broke the ring in half spattering themselves with the fluid inside.”

Kazim coughed and sputtered.  “I hear they couldn’t get the fluid off for days!  Sure adds a new meaning to sex makes you glow.”

Getting Her Land Legs



Castella lay on her back wrapped in the sheets Tessa and Sandra insisted she use along with a covering they called a nightdress.  Through the open window, sounds of the surf reached Cateslla’s ears.  So close and yet so far away her former home called to her. Would she ever be able to return?

Nitchell, the sea sprite, had been the first to pay her homage.  Shivers of chagrin and apprehension had rippled through her partly settled stomach.  No one could find her unless she kept on announcing her name aloud and where she came from.  Still Nitchell’s simple act had the others moving at various points around the area they occupied.  Sandra had spoken of urgency and protection.  Tessa had added her concerns.  The males stood their ground as though none wanted to admit their surprise.  Castella had tried to hide her half smile as she sipped the warm water.

“Princess Castella, I am honored to meet you.”  Nitchell began to rise looking around him.  Shit, what a group of morons had he teamed up with?  Even humans showed their royalty respect.  Why weren’t they doing this with Castella?

“I know you are out of your element,”  Nemos began, his head moved from side to side as though he watched the beach and those moving upon the sands further up the way.  “You didn’t wash up on the beach for no reason.  I suspect you need help.”

Castella snuggled deeper into the sheets pulling the light blanket up.  As much as she missed the wetness of the ocean and the tang of salt-water coursing over her gills, the cooler dry air of the land sent chills racing across her damp skin.  The warmth of the shower Sandra and Tessa had help her take lingered briefly as they had assisted her with toweling off.

Her legs had buckled and moved like soaked pieces of paper ready to snap with the first hard rush of current against them.  The one called Cason had swept her up in his arms carrying her inside and from the bathing area to the bed.  The look on his face reminded her of her husband.  Desire and need reared their demands and swept on her.  How could she feel things this rapidly?  Her husband lay dead upon the ocean floor not more than—not more than how many hours? Days?  Passages of time moved differently for humans than merfolk.  Regardless to be feeling this for another so soon appalled Castella.

Tessa and Sandra’s parting words made sense as sleep began to claim Castella.  “Rest, and know you are safe.  You need land legs for your journey.  We’re here to help you.  You’re one of us now.”

Cason Awakens

Cason groaned and tried to open one eye. His stomach rushed up to meet his throat. Inhaling sharply, he lay his head on his forearm. What the hell had hit him? Why did he feel like he’d tied on a 3 day drinking binge with his frat brothers? Fuck, the last time he’d been stupid enough to do that he’d woken up to find Nitchell hovering over him. Had the little bastard slipped him – – –

Images slammed through Cason’s mind. Vivid underwater scenery and glimpses of far off mountains faded as he drew in a deep breath and slowly exhaled. His stomach sank back to its normal position, close to his navel. Raising his head with care and caution, Cason opened one eye. He counted the pairs of feet near him. At least five people stood nearby. Shit, what had Nitchell done now to draw attention to them?

“I think he’s coming round.” Nitchell’s fake cockney accent rankled Cason every time he heard it. Having a sea sprite for a guardian angel didn’t make life any easier, nor did wondering what else the gods might decide to throw at him. When had he pissed them off so thoroughly?

“Nitchell, lower your voice,” a female scolded. Cason’s eyes roved up the pair of feminine legs closest to him. They stopped at her red haired thatch. Another darker colored one stood next to her. When had Sandra taken up with women? Did Nemos know?

“Yes, I know every purr she makes, my friend.” Cason’s gaze inched left. A hand waved before him. His eyes clapped shut as he groaned.

“Nemos, move before I throw up.” Cason no more than spat out his last words and his stomach spewed up his throat. Several gut retching minutes later, two sets of hands helped Cason roll over.

“Take it easy.” A softer unknown feminine voice offered. “Jaxson has gone to the house to get you some water and a clean shirt.”

Cason shielded his eyes as he tried opening them again. Next to Sandra, another nude female stood. Nemos squatted near him, sniffing the air. “Do I smell that foul?”

Nemos smiled. “No, keeping an eye on the beach and those that approach. Two yards in either direction are groups that could move toward us. Right now they are interested in the waves and surf more than a group of people standing around.”

“If he can stand, we need to move back up behind our privacy fence. The life guards are coming on duty soon.” A tall black haired male stepped around Sandra and her companion. “I’m Jaxson and this is my mate Tessa.” He pointed to the lithe blonde next to Sandra.

“I’m Cason.” He tried to sit up. His vision blurred and his stomach lurched. “Can someone halt the train trying to run over me again?” Cason grabbed his head and swayed upright.

“Easy said than done mate,” Nitchell quipped. Cason squinted at him.

“Nitchell what the hell did you do to—“A female groan drowned out Cason’s next words.

All turned to face the lone woman still prone next to them. Her ash blonde locks hid her face. Her nude body left little to the imagination as she turned on her side.

“Who is she?” Cason staggered to his feet. Easing his way away from her, he wondered why he felt an over whelming need to protect her.


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The Further Adventures of Nitchell and Cason

Shivers griped her deep in her heart. Tears rushed from her eyes as he lay dying in her arms. Her husband, lover and best friend reached to brush her tears away. He tried to speak, words failed him. With his shuddered breaths, he implored her to look him deep in the eye and not flinch. Volumes of love and sorrow passed between the couple before he slipped away.

Castella tossed back her head and screamed. Pain wracked her body as if her very soul sought to escape. Roars of grief rippled through the watery depths never reaching the surface where humans and the sun flocked on the surface. In the sands next to her, lay her child’s torn and mutilated body. Her husband had tried to save the child with a soul bond. Too much too late, death had taken both of them. Damn the minions who sought to usurp the power and rule by terror and threat. Damn any who let jealousy and greedy rule them.

Castella wanted to lay down beside her child and husband, and join them in the great water world of eternal souls. Yet deep in her soul, she knew her time had not come. Another needed her. Pregnant and alone in a hostile world would not be easy. Yet Manron had exacted her love promise to live and raise their unborn child. He released her from their eternity bond and demanded she love and commit again.

Amongst the humans, go there her mind echoed. She had nothing in common with them. Except a cousin who had fled with his twins to an obscure place called Talbot’s Peak. Far from the waters of their home, he hid with his children. Their weak psychic link allowed her to call out and plan her escape. One day she’d return and exact her revenge. Shere Kahn’s alliances would not reach into Oceana’s depths any deeper.

* * * * *
“Look mate, I stayed away.” Nitchell hovered over Cason as he knelt by the nude female laying face down on the beach.

“Nitchell, shut your yap. It’s bad enough I go around looking like a blooming idiot talking constantly to himself. Least you could do is stop berating me and causing more trouble.” Cason glanced over his shoulder hoping no one heard him. Only yards of empty beach flowed out behind him. Good, no one was running towards them or paparazzi with their flashing cameras race to them.

“Well I never…” Nitchell began, his arms folded tightly across his chest. His wings flapped more with each breeze blowing in off the water.

“Yes you never and that is why you got banished. So learn to shut up and keep an eye on things.” Cason stood, pulling his shirt over his head. He could make out her pale blue lips. He hoped she lived. Whoever she was, he knew despite what his mind screamed wasn’t so that she was here for a reason.

Folding his shirt in thirds, Cason inched forward. CPR on a fish? Lord had his brain really gone that far south on him? Yet, the curve of her jaw and fullness of her breast line indicated otherwise.

Much more and he’d be in it deep. The music filling his ears burst into his mind with pictures and jagged pieces of information. A loud drumbeat began somewhere behind his eyes and grew with each beat of his heart. He couldn’t take his gaze off her. It was as though a deep psychic bond was forming. Why?

“Nitchell!” Cason cried out, clutching his head as his vision blurred to black.


A New Hero Enters




Cason kicked off his sandals and stepped out on to the sand. The beach was empty at this hour of the day. Most of the surfers and early morning joggers had left before the heat began staking its claim.

A few feet down the beach, Cason noticed an odd shape on the sand toward the water line. The tail fins looked different from the ones he’d seen deep sea fishing. And the color hue ran darker than most surface or mid-sea dwellers he’d encountered scuba diving. Was it a new species of whale? The tail didn’t fit a dolphin’s nor a whale’s either. He sped up his gait as he saw the clouds clear revealing more sun on the section of beach he headed towards.

As he got closer, a strange melodious sound filled his ears. Shaking his head, Cason looked around. He’d had his share of delusions from too much oxygen and the bends during diving incidents. He knew angels hovered around him as he assisted with water rescues. His job as an EMT didn’t permit him much rest during the summer. This year he knew his vacation time needed to be. He wanted to find himself and regain the balance he’d had before he lost her.

“Look mate,” a high-pitched voice began. Cason glanced to his left. Just above the wave rolling toward shore, his sea sprite companion, Nitchell, hovered. His squeaky British accented voice indicated something was amiss.

“Dude, calm down.” Cason pointed toward the large blob he intended on investigating. “I’m not stupid enough to rush whatever it is.”

Nitchell’s laughter overwhelmed the music Cason kept hearing. “Sorry, mate. I’ve seen her kind before.” He moved closer to Cason.

Cason shot him a scowl. Nitchell crossed his eyes and stuck out his tongue. Why did he have to get stuck with a hunk for his charge? A hunk who attracted women and men alike. Neither of them was queer. He disliked referring to them as gay. That word described his outlook on life and not from a sexual one either. Nitchell sighed as Cason waved him off and moved closer to her.

Two feet from the fishy blob, his charge had sense enough to stop. Any closer and she’d have him within her clutches. Blasted sea women.

“Nitchell!” A sharp motherly voice boomed through his conscience. All right not all were blasted. His dear sainted mother and aunts were good ladies of the sea. How his father dealt with them all living under his roof was beyond him. Not his problem. One human hunk with the ability to see and hear spirits was his and right now keeping him away from her mattered.

Cason knelt where he stopped. No, it couldn’t be. Yet, even though he blinked twice. . .even thrice, she didn’t disappear. Before him, sprawled on the sand, lay one partially shifted nude mermaid. What did he do now?


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Safe Dreamless Repose

Octavia winced as she heard the screams and cries of her kindred calling out as wave after wave of water crashed into their homes. Small cages and spaces presented no escape. Death and turbulence rushed in and out as swiftly as the tide and current ebbed and rose. The ground shook and all went still.

“Holy Mother of All!” Tavia screamed and bolted up right. Tossing her head back, she flung her hair off her face. Slowly she opened one eye then her other. Darkness greeted her. She reminded her human half to breathe.

Inhale and exhale, your body needs air. Let your eyes adjust. No one can take what you don’t allow. Tavia repeated her mantra until she could make out the dark lines and blurry images of the room around her. Glancing down at her hands, she willed her talons to retreat and her animal half to calm.

Rustling sounded beside her. She turned ready to take flight and shift. None would harm her.

“Rest my love.” Tongson’s soothing voice pierced the protective shield Tavia wove around her.
A soft light glowed on the bed side table near him. He touched her arm. His hand tugged her toward him. “Let me hold you. Nothing can reach us here.”

Tavia scooted across the bed, practically flinging herself into Tongson’s arms. She nestled against his warm chest and inhaled deeply. Masculine smells filled her nostrils along with musky fur scents. His heartbeats echoed in her ears as his hand stroked from the top of her head to her shoulders. She blinked wishing tears were not next.

Drawing in a ragged breath, she tried to speak. “So much death and destruction. Horrible ways to die. Please hold me. Just hold me.” Her tears refused to be held back. With each breath, one tear etched its way down her face stopping to drop on her tightly clenched hands.

“I know. Shifters and humans lost at the hands of nature. We think we control so much and are so powerful. There is more power out there than any of us will ever have.” His emphasis on any reminded her of the pressing issue waiting and watching. She could feel the others. Knew they spied as much as they could to learn of any weakness they could exploit.

“What about your family?” Tavia looked up. Tongson’s drawn face and tired eyes met hers. He’d not slept much either since the first call had come in. There was little either could do without calling attention to where they hid. Many perished because one hungered for power and might beyond his.

“Those that listened are safe. My parents and grandmother fled to higher ground. The ones who didn’t, I don’t know. I lost my link to them once the water rose.” His chest rose and fell with two sharp breaths.

“Perhaps, we need to set the spell and find the mindless rest we need to function and flourish?” She shuddered with each word. Sleeping spells were ancient magic that few could manage and not leave themselves defenseless.

“Rest we need. Mindlessness, no. Dreamless is the option. I prepared a drought earlier. Mickey and Night Hawk drank their portion. They now rest down the hall. I have some here for us.” Tongson picked up the glass. It’s amber glow cast a red hue on the cabin’s wall.

“What about guards and dampening our presence?” Tavia reached for the glass.

“All is well. Wolves, bears, and fowl watch and note everything. The cabin appears as part of the mountain. No windows face outward. Our presence is unknown to all but the animals around us, shifter or animal.” Tongson handed her the glass.

“We are safe,” she whispered and drank.


How I wish the world were safe for those in Japan and other areas hit by today’s earthquake and Tsunami. Even those in New Zealand and elsewhere need our prayers and thoughts of healing and peace. If you can spare a few dollars to contribute to International Red Cross or your local chapter to assist our fellow brethren, please do so. Check out if your local church, synagogue or mosque are collecting items to send for care packages or as donations. We all can help in some way and know we’ve made a difference even if we never know or meet the person or persons that ultimately benefit. Our world and life are small and fragile. United we’re stronger. Remember nothing is too small when combined with others. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Let’s show our world how synergistic we can be.

Remember to tell your family and friends you love them. Share time and stories with them.

Be safe!


Flash Fiction Piece

Halloween Were Style:

Tiffany Dansen smiled as two more children approached her.

Ricardo, Monica Stansen’s youngest weretiger cub, smiled showing his small fangs. His Jonas Brothers partial facemask covered his two-tone stripes and cat like nose sprouting his first whiskers. A slogan t-shirt and jeans made up the rest of his costume. His feet couldn’t fit any shoes at this stage of his transformation. Thank goodness, the southwest wasn’t experiencing one of its deep cold spells yet.

Stephanie, Mayor Johnson’s adopted daughter, followed Ricardo. Her ballerina outfit barely fit her sleek panther body. In a few more months, she’d fill out with good food and proper care. Too bad her parents ended up as some poacher’s trophies. Silver and sparkles adorned her chin length hair, taking an ethereal glow each time light hit them. She smiled despite her two missing front teeth. Who’d thought pulling them would make any difference?

Tiffany waved to their mothers as the children reached her steps.

“Trick or treat, Mrs. Dansen,” Stephanie yelled up racing up the stairs, trying to beat Ricardo to the top.

“Give me some good treats and I’ll sing you a song,” Ricardo sang out in his off key young voice.

“Well let me see, what do I have for two of my favorite students?” Tiffany reached into the bowl of treats she held.

Most children asked for candy again and again. Not the children she taught. They asked to be accepted for themselves and treated like any other child. Except tonight her were students dressed and mimicked their human counter parts. No one told them they were different or had no right to their youthful glee. Tonight was for them.

“I think I have some purple flowering catnip ready to tuck into a ballerina’s hair.” Tiffany twirled her fingers in her bowl and whispered a few magic words before raising her hand.

“Oh, thank you Mrs. Dansen,” Stephanie squealed, grasping the small delicate flowers. “Momma, look what I got.”

“What about me?” Ricardo bounced up and down on the pads of his paws. “I can sing you a song.”

Tiffany smiled. “That would be great. What’s the name of this tune?”
“I wanna hold your hand.” Ricardo took her empty hand and began making up lyrics as he went along.

Tiffany twitched her nose as best she could, wishing for a bit of music to accompany Ricardo. A car drove by with the old Beatles tune blaring out the window. Ricardo sang the last few words correctly and dropped her hand.

“Now do I get a good treat?” His young exuberance and toothy grin gave her an idea.

“I think I have one more thing inside just for you Ricardo. Wait right here, ok?’

His eager response told her what she had in store would be the highlight of his evening.
She stepped inside snapping her fingers and murmuring the words needed to grant Ricardo’s desire. Holding her hand palm up, she watched as light swirled and glowed taking shape and form.

“All right Ricardo, here you go.” Tiffany turned and leaned toward his bag.

“Thank you Mrs. Dansen!” Ricardo wrapped his arms around her waist, squeezing hard. “Mommy you won’t guess what I got.”

Tiffany watched as each child showed their parent their treasured gift. Who’d thought a pair of plain tennis shoes bearing the words bite me on the toes would bring a huge smile and so much joy? Or a plain purple flower, considered a weed by many, the same thing?

Halloween, a night ripe with magic and charm, was for children. The child in everyone needed a bit of magic to open their eyes to joy the world beheld.