Books By Solara Coming Soon


Menage A La Red:  (Erotic Paranormal Urban Fantasy-Fairy tale Retelling: TBA)

What happens when the direct descendants of Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, and the Hunter discover the untold story of their ancestors? When a sultry redhead with a penchant for kink catches the eye of the Wolf and the Hunter at the same time, all bets are off when they learn of their unique connection to each other. Three dominants must learn to work together to fulfill their combined destiny or watch their lives end up in tatters.

HER TWO MALE WITCHES:  (Polyamourous Paranormal Romance: TBA)

Kait Johnsen is on the run.  Mixing in with the magical and unmagical residents of Sycamore Crossing is going to take a turn she hadn’t planned on.  Hiding out as a member of her grandmother’s coven isn’t going to be easy unless she bonds with one or two of the single male witches and uses their magic to help hide her.  Blake isn’t interested in getting matched up with anyone.  His business partner and cousin, Drew is  open to the idea.  Can three unlikely matchmaking candidates find the bonds that tie them together and move toward love?